Thursday, August 06, 2009

End of the SEM!

Time flies,
I've finally been thru the whole 3 semester in SEGi, life is quite boring there but I did enjoy myself there as i got lot crazee frens over there..=)

Last day of my sem,
it was an extra class for Econs, i missed it..
all due to me being OVERSLEPT!
aha..damn funny, coz i din set my alarm..=/

I was so tired until i heard my phone ringing,
one of my classmate called me up asking my whereabout...
i instantly Scolded..: SHIT:
Lol..i missed it, it was 10:20 in the morning, class started an hr
then i was like..Oooops, coz one of my classmate texted me the night b4 so that i could wake him up for that class also, but then i failed to do so..haha
he also cant make it..

hee...the class was half empty though,
we were so used to afternoon class..hehe
i think tat's da best thing about SEGi, class can start at 12++

Well, i missed it lor, din take pic n all..but luckily i managed to snap pictures on the presentation day..hehe

let's see the pics bah..=)

Simulation presentation

Feeling relieve after our presentation..hhee

All of all xD

The Jerry & TOm

Our final Q.M class =)

Miss chow joined us for tis.

then it's me and Kevin =)

The day before our last day ..

Hee..notice something?

Iqbal and I
he finally has his Facebook acc..=D

Sweet sweet..=)

It's the moment to see how hardworking are we during class =D

Kevin- the fair guy with brain..

Yip Seng- s0 call the best student in class..
see..the way he do hw. ..=D

Evonne- the one who doesn't like taking pic..
forced to snap her pic during her bz time =X

These 2 genius, they don't need to study,
just doze off during class =D

Last but not least,

Seanna- acting only..hehe

Time flies, some gonna other colleges..
some may stay here with different courses...hopefully we will still remember each other in years time...coz we did have our fun time being together in a class..mwahh =)
It was year to be remember!

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