Wednesday, August 13, 2008

OMFG has been good these days but i want more!!..
lool...kinda sick of parents being so gan jiong about me all the time, I'm like a grounded kid now...
I hardly go out these days, they tot i went college for other purposes...ISsshhhh...sux!!
Like I'm going to lie to them or anything, swt lor them...don't know why they cant trust me, like I'm goin to do somthing vain behind them..=.="

So overall, life hasn't been quite well also, so jealous that my frens got happie life...hmmm
u know who are u if u read tis..lool
Another thing is, i have to work tomorrow, gotta go all the way to Low Yat and sell camera...>.< hopefully tml will be a pretty fine day for me, if not i might die of boredom..

Since September is approaching and thats mean season 2 of GossipGirl is coming up soon...
Hopefully i wont get potong by the series cause i really like the story in the book...=D

here come some pics and videos

Perfect match!!

Blake lively.


Trailer for season 2

Time to leave...

by xian..=D

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