Friday, August 31, 2007

Random Post. =] has been quite a long time since i blog..was busy with my studies due to the trials, post trials, and SPM coming soon...2 more days to trials..yesterday and today, I was busy with my End Year Report for the Food Quarter Master...

Tomorrow will be us, the COH members stepping down...felt sad actually..and great!..Through scout, I've learned lots of things from head to toe..I have no regrets for joining scouts since the first day I joined them.. =] Although i complaint much..but that's past...I'm looking forward.. =P.. Haha..waiting for the results tomorrow..i still wondering who's the incoming Post

So, Happy Merdeka and 50 Years Anniversary by the way..
nice performances this great..especially the fireworks..upgraded a lot..haha.. How i wish i can witness the finals on Sept 2, Sunday..but too bad the next day is the starting of trials..potong stim..=\

i guess that's about all..don't be surprised that I'm so patriotic..I am..=P This post is a little random..update more next time..=]


Sunday, August 26, 2007

DEAl or No deal.

best game ever...=)

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