Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lifeless me and FB!

Being free for the whole week...!!!!
really...I'm so gonna sit infront of the laptop like last time d..lol
it also makes me to be actived in RC!!!
Gosh..Everybody is talking bout it..why???? why???

Rc-Restaurant City...

When i was backed to coll for the first day..my classmates were discussing about RC!!..goodness, how can one be so so so Boring to actually face the comp and click Click CLICK!
i was feeling so swt....and it kinda annoy me..haha
"LIFELESS PPL" appeared in my mind..once again =/
my classmates even introduced the Impatient players in my class to d-load the ""cheating"" program so tat they can lvl faster and easier..
MY trade maark is backed when coll started...don't blame me =/

Other than tat, when i go work..my both colleagues also have this discussion about RC..OMIGOSH la!!!
they played it during working hrs..lool
company's assets are being misused..Oooopss..

i can't believe I am actually blogging about it though...my restaurant is rather small as i didn't really bother to lvl up..it's also due to my bz schedule for the past feeew wweeekss...
since my classmates and colleagues are competing and i sorta got influenced..lol
I've turned a lil more lifeless than i usually am.

hahaa..it is somehow quite fun to Ask Caely and Jovi to wash my cute lil toilet...""they stink""

he's my very first Chef.

the 2nd one was Caely

then..i hired my jeh!

Chubbie Alwin gave me an
inspiration that a restaurant
needs a Mr.chubbie chef
to attract customers..

then..Julian !!
coz i wanna make him wash toilet!!
hahaha xD

and recently
i added myself..coz i wanna see
how do i look with tat stupid costume!..xD

well...other than clicking my frens to wash toilet, there's nothing fun lor..
bored like Wtv only..hehee
but tat's the only thing that i can do with my FB..=/
how saddening.......................


here's something about Rc again.
yewjin says (1:33 AM):
u no need sleep? lol
Hx-can you say it twice? says (1:34 AM):
soon lo
u ler?
tot u sleeping at 2?
yewjin says (1:34 AM):
dunno yet
yewjin says (1:35 AM):
my rc layout so odd xD
Hx-can you say it twice? says (1:37 AM):
how come?
im bloggin bout my rc
yewjin says (1:38 AM):
u c c haha
yewjin says (1:39 AM):
so mafan la the toilet -.-"
Hx-can you say it twice? says (1:39 AM):
i know

hahhaa...everybody is talking bout it...
it is bored to even talk about it but i can't avoid the topic!!..xD

it's RC Fever man!!

talking bout fever..
I can't wait till tml lor.. Man utd - Barca!!!
Barca Must Beat this Man utd!!!
champion leaugue is belong to BARCA lar..DUH!!!!

haha..once again, facebook appear!!

Hx Low BaRCE!!

Mohamed Sufian
Mohamed Sufian
Foo Yew Jin
Foo Yew Jin
Hx Low
Hx Low

hahhaa..too hyper!!!
i wish i could catch the match man!!..it's at 2:45am summor...
die man, having morning class on thurs =''/

P/s: it's madness!

since I'm free, i started to visit back XiaXue's blog...
and her New blogskin is really AWESOME!!!
how i wish i can be as pro as tat designer...neh neh~~

my zippo is cute though..and the most importantly bout tat lil zippo is it's colour!..Kawaiii-neh...xD

I didn't wanna not to admit but i'm really a Pink lover..!!..a pinky freak u may say..ahhaa
i don't usually wear pink colour clothes coz my skin tone is really er...sux to match with pink..so yeahh
but i love designing everything of mine to be PINK!!!!
How bout a pink room and pink blanket and pillow...
i love the pink stuffs from ikea!!!

aww..my ikea baby!!

P/s: I'm missing strabucks's mocha ice blended..mwahhh!!

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