Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Pancake.

I can still camwhore when i was worrying bout my Econs Quiz.=]
welll, it ended up quite nice =P is long since i last signed in here =)

Nothing much interesting to talk about..lool
coz i rotted in hse for my long weekend and spent time with my FARMILIE..=)

Merdeka is like tak ada RAsSA to me, wonder why the aura of celebrating independece day this yr is like nothing, yeah feel nothing at all...
I don't c ppl put on Flags to deco their car, their hse or might also bcoz of me is no longer in high sch, so i've really forgotten the feeling of decorationg the classroom just to win the blardy PRIZE~~

hee..well, it was rather swt for tis yr celebration...
Gov cut down the expenses for tis celebration from 40 million to 20 million...and no fireworks neither on countdown night nor the exact day.
But, there were some private sectors displayed the fireworks... =)

okay..lets no tok about this, it is like ages ago =P
It's fasting month again, gotta enjoy the food, i miss ASAM LAKSA so much!!!!

hee...but i did make some pancakes couple weeks ago when mum was not at home to coook/buy lunch for me..>< style="text-align: center;">my very first time of making pancake batter, i know someone would laugh seeing this

I know it looks erm...bit cacat?

Okkay..It's time to try
indeed, it tastes GOOD!!

Pb & GG are finally out..=)
cont with my addiction~

The funny one,

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