Monday, June 22, 2009


this song somehow tells the love stories of most ppl..
xin yue tuan-shi jie mo ri.

要抱你才能够入睡 (wanna hug u to bring me into sleep)
思念你只剩下疲惫 ( missing u makes me feel so tired)
爱过你才懂得甜美 ( only realize wat's sweet after being in love with u)
再爱谁也都无味 ( feels like nothing to love any other man)
但这世界太多暧昧 ( but there's too much vagueness in this world )
这世界太多暧昧 ( this world is full of vagueness)
只有你我清楚而绝对 ( only u i can be certainly clear and absolute)
绝不留后路去退 ( never leave any spaces to go backward)
爱到爆裂冲破了极限 ( love till the peak and exceed the limit)

世界末日不躲远 ( the end of the day doesn't go far)
不是爱你的终点 ( not the end of loving u)
就算眼睛听不见 ( even though my eyes couldn't see )
我的手会记住你的脸 ( my hand will still remember ur face )
世界末日那一天 ( the day of the end of the world)
有你陪在我身边 ( having u to by my side )
就算耳朵听不见 ( even if my ears couldn't hear)
拥抱就是最美的诺言 ( embracement is the most beautiful promise)

第一次觉得放不下 ( the first time feeling ego to let go)
第一次心情像海洋 ( the first time my heart feels like the ocean)
第一次无力抵挡 ( the first time couldn't resist)
第一次会那么的渴望 ( the first time being that desperate )

ya~ i don't wanna say good-bye.
i just wanna live my life with you

the part when it mentions,
there's too much of vagueness in the world....
that's the part i find it SO SO SO TRUE!!


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