Thursday, July 19, 2007

Album released btw june-july

there's plenty of album released btw these 2 months...
this 2 awesome men have released their album...
and i cant stop myself to tell u guys bout tis 2 awesome men..."P

Enrique iglesias's insomniac...
nice and romantic songs..."P
especially "the ping pong song"....its cool
besides that, "little girl" from tis album is simply touched and pathetic...=D
theres 15 songs in tis album...kinda worth having tis album..hehe

Ring My Bells
Push (Feat.
Lil' Wayne)
Do You Know? (The Ping Pong song)
Somebody's Me
On Top Of You
Tired Of Being Sorry
Miss You
Wish I Was Your Lover
Little Girl
Stay Here Tonight
Sweet Isabel
Don't You Forget About Me
Dímelo (Spanish version of Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song)
Alguien Soy Yo (Spanish version of Somebody's Me)
Amigo Vulnerable (Spanish version of Tired Of Being Sorry)

juz cant help myself...enrique is overly hottt...
im so crazee over him ever since his "hero"....=D

im goin to introduce lee hom's gai bien zi ji(change myself)...cant skip tis.."{
its such a long wait for his new first he announced march
then may...and finally july..=)
his new album is totally china+western style....haha
as he is more on china now....NOT TAIWAN..=X

Conkney girl

well, get to noe their music by watching below videos...=)

Enrique Iglesias - Do You Know (Ping Pong Song)

Wang Leehom - 落葉歸根 (Luo Ye Gui Gen)



Wednesday, July 18, 2007

..::I misS That Moment::..

as i was helping my mum transfer pictures into the com..i had this sudden urge to have a flashback session on my own baby pic..and guess what??it's just so so so adorable..haha..*syok sendiri*..and i find myself can really pose since im an infant..

sad to say..that was 17 years ago..innocent and no studies..only sleep and eat!!..and when u shit on ur pampers..u don't need to move ur arse and sum1 who loves u will take care of the rest....if ur hungry..u'll just cry out loud...thus, the food will arrive right in front of u..that's how great being a baby.. being pampered and everyone loves u..

k..i present u my 1 month chubby..perasannya..
that's my sister..ah still the cheerful 1...i miss the worm..

i wondered...
my sister stole my pacifier..laughed some more..ntg to say.. my 6 months old..

my sis, mum, and mum's glasses really big sis really a poser..whenever i take pic..she'll definitely come to me and told me mum.."come come come..take me take me~!!" ._."

what am i doing?? looks like monkey right?omg..this is so innocent...=PMy dad with us..i showed this pic to my dad..i told him.."ddy..look at u..u looks so hahaha"..he showed me the swt face again...look at my sis's fringe..muakakaka..i got squeezed into that small little tiny space..pathetic..pose while eating??cool..look at my moliu sis..the cam suppose to focus on me..=P yet she still pose with the ugly duck..spoilt..loool..hahah..i think this is more than 6 months..i cant track the age of this pic laa..but i just like it..guess what im thinking that time??i still rmb..i'll give u 3 choices..u guess..

A) that white cloth is so nice!!just suit the colour of the wedding i wish i can marry right away..

B) meh lei geh..y looks like ghost stuff??k..i'll just put that on and scares my darn sis and my daddy and mummy..muahahhah..

C) i wish i can marry in this damn ugly ghost-like cloth..

so is A, B or C??loool..

k..enough..time to study..116 days to spm??meh lei geh...yer...


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Catholic High's guides gathering

saturday night, we been to CHS to join their gathering...=)
tis time, kitt followed my transport..hehe
im sure u had a nice ride..."P
first time on a ride in tis kind of van...extremely chun...haha
we were the first to reach chs(about 6 10p.m) order to wait for others..
we went for yum cha...(BRo, Kitt and me)

guess wat, that mamak's service was really bad...
we sat there for almost 5 mins more, n no one came to take orders...
mayb he dont giv a damn to his customers or wat..
my bro showed da face as he really mm song towards their lousy service...=X
finally, one of them came to take orders..lool
he toked blardy much...asked us wheather we are from college ...*grrr*
i noe my bro looks old but dont nid to involve kitt and i ....such an insult "P
summore, he keep on looking at us as in like we are from other planets..=.=
keep on asking da same question and we were rooling our eyes all da while...haha
ppl there really...*liu han*(according to khy)

after dat, they've finally there
all of them are junior except dat old lady...caely see"P
n few scouters were there...yee en, chun tat, ang yee and my bro..haha
then the "late comers" had their dinner at chicken rice shop...
toilet there damn stink...smell lik chicken shit..=(

not long more, we entered CHS..their gate way was nice i think...
they made it a maze, the "tunnel" was was damn narrow....small space
imagine fat can they get thru tis small maze...haha
sorry to sujen...u were da first one i tot of..><

soon, their gathering began with a "washing clothes" dance...if im not mistaken
woah, it was so so weird to be honest....the cloth too big d...doesnt match...
by da way, it was alright(a special way to introduce their COH)
then, souvenir session had took place...erm
their souvenir is quite creative...not bad..
da worst part was their singing session...da performance...omg
especially the band one...yucks...they cant sing at all..omg

well, atleast we got to watch their cheerleading performance...quite nice..hehe
guys enjoy it.."P

Overall, it was quite okie la...but we really suffered during their singing performance...
not to forget, kitt got a new friend from CHS name wei kwang(credits to yee en),
they played love tunnel together...=)
of coz i did play love tunnel partner was yee en(da flirty+horny man)
kitt u had fun playing with him huh...lool
i were there enjoying teasing ppl and bad thing was...i cant find any handsome looking guys...
hardly get one...haha

time to c wat we did thruout da whole night...hehe

introduce u.... my bro cheng keat..
us...u noe

their stage, it is simply plain and plain...

he is our sir win han....the show off king..

alright, time to leave...


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