Monday, September 14, 2009

It's at night again!

Oh baby baby...but i don't care what they say,
I'm in love with you but they try to pull me away but....they don't know the truth!

HAHA...GUESS the song??
sure ya know..
this song is still nice to listen to..ahhaha

Just dropping by b4 i go to bed..8 hrs later will be Hx stepping back to college for her Degree...Not foundation anymore.!!
it's great as I'm GROWING up...hahaha

However, i FEel ntg bout the degree day..i just feel really tired and fed up for the weekend..
aiks...Starting to get confused also...Blur about what I'm doin and why I'm doing these...September is gonna end in few weeks time...
and i start to question myself...WHAT HAVE I ACHIEVED THIS YEAR???
My mind got blank instantly....totally clueless!

Well...Don't say I'm emo..I just has to think coz i need to find something else to do other than What I usually do...Lool
Boredom is gonna knock me down...xD

Alrite...Good night!
lot pictures will soon be long as i have few hrs of free time ;)

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