Thursday, April 02, 2009

Drama part 1.

Do u have a facebook account??

If you do, Do u often play the quiz that are posted on facebook?

Well, i think I'm lifeless enough to get addicted to some of the quiz...xD

The quiz just has to pop out when I log in to facebook, so addiction

After the drama,

I'm now pretty free d, been weeks i din go for movies and seldom go out for yum cha also..

sounds like i'm back to the good gal  tat i used to

Unfortunately, my final is coming, I'm so gonna study well tis time as my lecturer always advise us to get good gred so that can apply scholarship from the high CGPA..

Don't think so i can make it but i still have to study hard in order to get good gred in exams lor...2nd sem is much harder in a way..therefore, i gotta stop slacking and get myself locked in my hse..haha

Do Facebook!!

HAHA..look at this!!

A quiz call " what is ur EQ"

Your EQ is 122
You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.

On an average day, you're quite happy, together, and content. You live your life well.
Your emotions aren't always stable, but you can go along with the ups and downs pretty well.

You tend to be motivated, energetic, focused, and level headed.
You see the world pretty rationally, and you don't tend to over dramatize things. When things are bad, you know they eventually have to get better

hehe..pretty low, isn't it?

but it's quite true lar, I'm just that

Supposingly, i should focus on the drama day for this entry..but i think my album on FB have it all d..hehe

save me some energy..duh~

As u know, to upload pics on blogspot could kill me as it's a time killer

that album has fully include few camera's photos, i think that's pretty enough for you to get a full view of the drama day..=)

it was really fun~~

there were 5 groups for tat day to present..

we were so unfortune to got the first to present..hee

Our story was about a pendant which brings power to whoever is wearing it...and in the end a bunch of youngster found out that it was actually the pith of Tongkat Ali.

the 2nd group wan was a remix of death note..That was really funny, damn good the performance =)

the 3rd group was about a remix of cinderella story, i didn't get to watch as i had to get ready for the 4th group's drama...=/ i must've missed somthng..

the 4th group story is something like "the pearl", but they changed it..haha Very ncie lar the acting..haha Ashley group it was..=)

the 5th wan was about a family story, about a daughter becoming bad..nice though !!

*pics are temporary missing due to fcking poor connection*

yeah..basically, we did a pretty good job lor...hopefully, we could obtain good marks for our presentation =)


Due to connection problem, i try to upload more pics here nex time kay =)

Really hates the poor connection, it sucks!!

Shopping for labels or love?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Pieces during college.


I don't have to stay back in coll just to practice the drama, no more college food..=D

no more thinking" where to eat later"


Drama Is Officially OVer!!!!

So glad that We've gotten it done but everthing was QuiTe MEssyyyy!!

Lool..i Forgot to Change back To a Girl's costume..ooops~

Gonna Blog bout the drama soon lar, once i've got all the pics editted..Stay tune my frens =)

Yeah..I've been Taking Pics in coll...hehe

and Bcoz of this drama, lot ppl has become the stalker of the many picturess!!!

Too many ~

We practice our drama for the first after being rest for so so so long coz of assigment, we were Quite blur and very veyr messy at tat time though...=/ 

well, we still manage to take pics..hehee

Seeing Ashley's group practice their Drama!!

Lool..I was asked to be Their " hot gal " charaacter for their Drama..!!


ram ram is just so into his chaaracter of being an


Bilgun came and kacau..!

love bully him man!!

he's da cutest guy in class xD

Tiff n Bilgun..they usually bully each other 

See..we made him put my skirt on.

Cute ler..=d

Can u see that???

I was damn concentrate!!


Since, we have time..I usually go out for lunch...and tat day we were so Hyper!!

we Took Pictures wherever we go ny..hehe

lunch in CLC 

Ashley refused to look at the camera, and see

Ugly Pic came out..ehhe

saw tis while we were hunting for lunch around

Sunway Damansara..

This car was there as a deco of a restaurant..xD

See...It's "Teng Yuan Dou Fu dian" on the car..hee


My Beetle ConvertiblE!!!

Finally, i saw one parked on da road but not

in the showroom..haha

Lifeless ppl like me

have to walk around to find food!


*Cova SQuare Unit Visit*

We were allowed to go into Cova Square Apartment to have a full view of the Apartment.U know Why??..B'coz The whole Apartment is belong to SEGi's Boss...So ppl whoe stay in SEGi's Hostel Are allow to Shift to the cova Square with the Payment of 500 a month per person..!! EXP la!!

View from lvl 17th

Cova Apartment=D

nice lar!!

but too small lor the room..wonder how's the other unit llooks like

the leisure area..around

the pool

the pool was still very dirty due to the undone 


Room 17-07

Toilet is rather small as the unit also quite small..

not sure bout the measurement.

while i was about to snap, he walked in!!

gerammnya!! i iintroduce u yip seng~

view from 17th...damn dirty lor~!

view from the 17th's  corridor, can see SEGi and Sri kdu Clearly.

Ah bui and jovi..the gay partner of the day xD

*After Drama PRactice on Friday!!*

Went curve to wait for my daddy to pick me up..

saw this Ferrari!!


Well..the stupid's only a part of the damage..

can u see the "concave" area??

if perdana were not desgined with the metal in the mid of the body,

my dad could have injured by that STUPID IDIOTIC INDIAN DRIVER!!

Story goes by like this..

that indian was driving this Nissan Toronto-4 wheel drive,

he wanted to cut, but his fcking huge car was too big lar, so dad just cut lar...IT was raining and jam..everybody was pissed off, we all udnerstand..

so after the cut, dad drive like normal at that left lane, then suddenly, we heard sth..dat stupid 4  wheel drive was just behind us kena our back side bumper!!...So we tot he just kena abit lar then he was gonna drive we din't walk down to look how's it..

Then right..that fcking driver still continue scratching my dad's car with his Stupid Nissan till his car was blocking my dad's door. My dad was so angry and he couldn't get out at that moment..that indian walked out from his car and LANC my dad..saying " u cut my line!!"

my dad was like.." u can't cut, i let u cut at first, but u can't , now u Lanc me"

Then he said " nak report report!!"

Dad said " report lar...Who's prob now"

then right.. while he was driving off, he din reverse or turn rightward and got my dad's side mirror turn to the other side, luckily the side mirror got spring, could turn back..if not..Side mirror also gone!!..Fcker lar dat fellar!!

then dad was so pissed...BEtahan, he stoped b4 the traffic light as that indian was waiting for that traffic light also...DAd went down and Questioned him..Lool

I was like..WTF man, sms my bro right away..ahaha

When dad got back, he told me dat the indian was so timid and useless as the indian was not dare to make a sound when my dad was confronting with him.

Super annoying tat fellar!!..

Act as if the road was belonged to his fcking 4-wheel drive.

This is the end of the story lar..xD

My whole Last week was just so so so so so Tiring and Boring!!..

now, I'm so relieve that everything has come to an end..xD 


the drama was fun though..=D

thanks teck peng for fetching me there so early..i owe u man!!

The end..

P/s: I miss my jeh!

Ntg seems perfect,

but we never stop seeking for perfection.

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