Saturday, March 03, 2007

marchers' video

the quality is very damn bad..but still can c..

scouts marching

this morning woke up at 7 sumthin..kinda early actually..i was in the sahara's field watched ppl there to learn.. as secky asked me learn the command and prepare for the upcoming senior so useless when i was ntg to do but take pic and only i realised that i actually took others picture instead of myself..haha

The Marchers.'s LI CHING >.<.. zZz...

Kian Min here..keep on smiling whenever i look at him..he so blur..hahaYew Leung..oh boy, this little guy ere i kinda kesian him just now..u'll noe y if u ask any of the marcher here..hehe lastly, our TL aka SECK HOUNG...look at his face..haha..

that's all for this post..i'll post up the video in the next wait..haha

anime fever..

erm..addicted to anime lately..hehe
coz it is super nice...full of imagination n excitements...ehehe
n of coz must thx to my bro cheng keat...fer bringing me into anime world..xD
these r my favourite...nice ya!!!


the cute n horny one....

my favourite character..*byakuya*
the charm n perfect one..=P

Death note*

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

bday 227 bufday...27 feb...wonderfull day

didnt receive much pressie..haha but still appreciate those ppl who wish me on dat day..xD

after sch...ppl tried to spray water on me...but luckily i smart hide behind pn zaharah...=D

however there were 2 exception..khy move too fast i couldnt i did kena lil from him...still ok

after dat...there came a jeffrey dunno how he noe my bday..he lik die oso wan to spray water on me..=.=

too bad....i kena bit oso....he lik hantu followed me around...wont miss any chance to pour water on me..=.=

afterward...wing n bee called me to go RR...said go n take a look..

woah~~...i nearly drop my tears...but i still can bear from sobbing..hehe

must thx to alex...he brought da cake all da way to sch juz for me...n i din choi him while he said haapie bufday...oops~~

my n him shud b ok d ler...anythng oso la..xD

ya~...must thx to ween ling man min jet wing bee lex teng...n not to forget da 1 who brought me there...kitt..bluek...=D

love u guys...muackz...i had a wonderfull bday tis yr...n da coming wan i wish i could hav alll my frens wif me ler....hehe

hehe...da most important was my favourite dishes on da's cooks...woah delicious...

planned to go sri petaling at first but bro wasnt hav to cancel it..=)

anywizZ....i love 27 feb...hehe

gud memories..=P

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