Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holidays in Singapore.

I'm here after got nagged..Hee! Went to Singapore during my holidays. by fireflyz. This is the flight. And is like the smallest flight of all. Haha. Others are fully that's the only transport to Singapore...cant's blame.
Well, I'll just cut those craps and move on with the 1st day, 2nd day, 3nd day and on....

In Suntech...The Fountain of Wealth. It's pretty cool...Especially the laser lights performance during night time..and the pictures just below..

With my godma, mum, and auntie. with 4th grand-uncle.
me and my 2nd grand-uncle that lives in Singapore.
Night lights of Orchard Road. While on the way...i Spotted this. The blue lights. boring?60 months prison sentence.... is more interesting if you get the whole bus picture..
with Baby Zenn. Awww....Look at his eyes..isn't that cute?ahah..He's a real poser. I can prove it.
He actually pose one by one after each flash...Kids nowadays are smart.
Is so coincidence that is my 2nd GrandAunt's B'day.
my mum. with the Merlion outside the place where we stayed.
Me again. The Ang Mo Kio Grove. I stayed at my Uncle's place for the whole holiday. I love high places.
That's one the view from the apartment. My another Aunt's place. Not sure the name of the place. With Nadia here.
She loves taking pictures..serious..and she's just so cute till I wanted to tie her hair..Hee!
Night lights again..this is Yellow light..
One of the Christmas Trees in Singapore. Me and the Merlion. the Biggest Merlion of all the pictures I've took. haha.
Aunt and Mum.
With godma.
My mum.
The small Merlion behind the Big one. Too bad the big one is not here. Awww....

So after that, we've made a visit to the Fullethon Hotel. Which I heard is a 6 stars Hotel. It's nice I can conclude.

The light at the walkway. I just loves it! The walkway. It's grand. Isn't it?
Flowers maybe?
The 3 lengluis.....
Seeeeee.............the fishes like me........................Anyway, the candles on the water pretty isn't it?
Me and the Christmas tree.

there's lot more to go..just that I'm pretty lazy to upload those was fun shopping all day long in Singapore. Actually I can say the whole Singapore Trip was about shopping. Not a day I missed shopping there. Singapore is like a shopping heaven to me. Especially the moment you spot the DISCOUNT labels...HAha...and everywhere is food in shopping complex. It worth the pay and the taste is okay with me compared to those u pay in One Utama and etc. =]

Till the last day....something terrible happened to me and my mum..gosh..

I have to make a visit to the doctor which cost me SG$30 ( x RM2.20). That's because I think had food poisoning and that's a real experience and highlights of all. I vomited 4 times. All the food i ate was puked out. Goodness..and doctor gave me an inject and i felt drowsy and dizzy. The most terrible is that the time was 12.15pm and I'm suppose to rush for the bus at 1.30pm. So I took a speed nap and rush for my sleep. My mum too vomited once. When I'm back from Singapore, I heard many people sick too..If I'm not mistaken..Alwin and family....and Jessica.. I guess the FENG HSUI in Singapore not good time have to check FengHsui before you leave a country..kaka..just joking...who will do that anyway..=P

So that's it for my post.


Friday, December 28, 2007

xmas in penang

it has been a while that we didnt really update tis pathetic blog...
so i gotta do somthing to stop tis miserable act..hee
i think im a bit late to update bout my xmas eve cause most of my frens have alrdy talked bout their xmas eve...
Mayb i shall change it to a trip to penang instead of a xmas eve entry..hee

oh well, i juz came back from penang not long ago but i was sick due to the weather and those food i ate in penang...haha

First day,
it was quite miserable coz the hotel only let us to check in at 2 oclock while we alrdy at penang in the morning, and guess wat we did?..
hee...we slept in the car for 2 hrs and it was so uncomfortable..><

oops, i forgot to say who i went
At first, tis trip was a family trip but it is so sad that my mum and my 2nd bro couldnt make it so it only left my dad, my bro, my brodda's gf and the last one to join in was Miss caely

alright, back to the trip.
after the 2 hrs sleep, we went to makan as that was our 2nd meal of the day.
i tried guo tiao tang, it tastes
at night,bro brought us to a restaurant to eat sea food, food there werent that great but still can tahan lar..lool

the sand ain't

sis and dad

dad and i

boil octopus.

fry sotong.

the worst balitung ever..

the worst char mihun..haha

sweet bitter melon??...taste ewww

da soup is alright, but the flesh is tasteless.

asam prawn became overcooked

supper time,
after dinner, we backed to hotel to rest and wait for the nex meal..hee
we walked to the nearest restaurant to eat hawker food..
u shud take a look with the pizza, it made by real wood fire and it taste very nice..hee

need a model?
CAll us.=)

Seconda day,
we woke at 10 somthing=P
then we cross over the sea by ferry..quite fun..lool
we headed to bukit tambun to eat sea food again.
the best sea food among all i have tried, i swear..hee
and the price is damn cheap, we ordered those rare and expensive food yet it only cost us 165 for 9 dishes..=P

tom yam prawn..da soup is ncie IT

the surrounding of the restaurant..
two thumbs up for the food.=)

at night, we made rounds and rounds for almost an hr to look for the best Nasi kandar in town which is located at jln penang..lool
was so dumb lor, we passed by those streets again and again yet cant find it..haha
it wass like blind folded by somthing..hehe
then we backed to hotel to rest,
guess wat we did?


we have no idea where to go, so i msged that penang kia khy li..
that stupid keep telling me that penang is an old ppl place, no place to go..=.=
then my dad, my sis and caely went around and look for place to drink beer..hee
finally, we found the place called New World Park, the decoration there is quite cute i can say..haha

so we stop by and drink beer..lool

in new world park.
a cup of beer a day, keep doctor away..*blink*

yah..drink it

the effect of drinking more than 3 cups of beer.
and finally, my dad know how to camwhore.
so malu..haha
she said its slutty, but i find her more like a poser..haha
Last day,
25th of dec, xmas, xmas...hee
AFter we had our dim sum and the visit to Menara aquarium, we start our journey to go home.hee

we even met kevin on da way home..haha
his bro is darn cute..=)

done with tis entry...hee
im waiting for kitt's sg trip..=P

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