Saturday, July 13, 2013

To be or not to be

Since little, I always face difficulties communicating with my family members, everyone of them speak really differently. Speaking loudly as if they r right, speaking negatively to hurt one another. Not sure if it's the prob arises from their egoness or it's the communicate culture of my family.

Indeed, it is not healthy, it's noisy, it's hurtful. Yet, they are still practicing it or perhaps bring this culture to the family that they will form later on. Lately, due to timing and knowledge, each of us have grown up, each of us exposed to different events, people, stories, challenges in life. More conflict we have, we just different, it's hard to accept what the other say if it's right, it's so easy to accept that the others say are Wrong, because they are happy to tease n mock you when you're wrong. 

Oh well, the boys usually will not their egoness is way too thick. Really, this is suffering...a family supposed to be loving and understanding..should be way better
than with the outsiders like friends and colleagues...

However, it doesn't happen to my create burdens it create unhappiness. Changing the culture is almost impossible because not all agree about it and the way we try to convince is also wrong, all stand stern with their point of views. The only good thing is we do forgive but forget is harder, coz too many arguments accumulating it has been a usual event...just like a monthly routine phone bill. Doubt u will easily forget it.

I have read the book "personality plus", it does teach us how to compromise and understanding this kind of taught me that the world is created with different different type of people, we can't expect them to change we can only advise, we can't think people are ridiculous before we try to understand why and what? We can't judge the book by its cover. 

In order to compromise, we must understand then respect and slowly change the way we talk to different kinda people. Not all people think alike, this is the right or wrong to think in different perspective unless the thinking involve unethical and immoral stuffs. 

We must also appreciate with what we have, family should be something wonderful and blissful. I  wish it will get better!!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Brand new page of my life

Tomorrow is such an important day for me, a brand new day for a brand new page
of my life.

May everything goes smoothly and I hope this is really what I want,
it's not easy to begin with something where you need to make a serious decision.

When comes to the age of 22nd after college, everything seems to change
and most of the things are do involve serious decision making, i believe this is 
one of the important journey of life..

you either do it or drag's the matter of time for things to happen and
to be important to you.

As I'm growing older, all these starter to have it's effects on me, 
sometimes, its not as simple as I like then I do, I don't like then i don't do, I want
then i can get it...everything needs to go through so many consideration and then
it reach to a point for a decision. 

That's life..

Everything seems to change as if god has all plan..
I really wish what god has planned is not something i would have to suffer..

Fighting for what i want? of cause..if only if what i want will be mine if i fight for it..

Night guys,

Wish me luck for all!! (:

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Loving trance

Music, there are so many music styles in this world and i personally find trance most energetic and motivated, it is able to give the energy to move my body and it is easily enable me to forget about my tiredness for the moment.

Honestly, it is so so so relaxing and is a damn good way to distress. I can say it is as good as a massage chair.

By listening to it, i feel as if my brain is finally resting and having its space to enjoy
some beats and picturing some sexy dance @ the beach..

I'm loving that kinda feeling, it is just so good..sometimes the good one can really
give a excitement sensation, we call it eargasm..haha

I hope such music will never come to the point whereby it's already outdated..i think
everyone needs this kinda music to atleast shake and swing those unwanted sensation off from our mental as well as our physical.

How i got influenced with trance? all thanks to my babe, Melia.
she brought me to Deadmau5 concert @ sunway a year back and the track of " Remember me" ft Kaskade make me fell so deep in love with it..and i started to browse
you tube for all da trance music..especially Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Dash Berlin and Afrojack..
These ppl are just awesome!

@ Deadmau5's concert <3

Vocal trance is my favorite, this is why I so in Love with Kaskade at first..wee!!

Me Love Trance

As I browse through you tube for all these cool music, i found Tomorrowland 2012 Festival @ Belgium!! omg..seriously its like a dream for all trance lover..i feel so tempted
but the tix is looking good too..haha 220 Euro..which is not cheap for Malaysian!!
hahaa..but do hope can go thr someday..will definitely get unforgettable experience..
Awesome shit!!

Yeah..this is the place!!  Where awesomeness gather in one place!

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A girl like me.

As usual, i stop by my blog with quite a few of random thoughts in my mind..
my bf always say that i like to think a lot, i can think and imagine stuffs to the
extent that I'm treating it as a reality. 

I suppose he's right and kinda bad huh...
I'm not sure that it's just me or any other ladies around the world are most or less
the to predict, plan, pray, having hopes, negative thoughts, thinking things 
to have the worst possibilities.

Anyone here is just the same?

It's quite unhealthy isn't it? I wanna change and i wanna thinking more like a 
normal person..but it seems so vague as in, it's not something that
you have decided to do, then you can do it.

It's about how you control the way you feel..
I can overreact over something without digging the reason for that 
particular incident to happen.

So it often end up with misunderstanding as well as causing people around me to feel hurt and feeling so helpless..

I myself already feeling bad and helpless, i guess those that have to deal 
with this flaw of mine with me are gonna be much more helpless or perhaps be exhausted?

Negative thoughts and judgmental thinking are not healthy but these have been
with me since ages. I wish i know how to get rid of this.

    >.< y can't i make things simple

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Selfish idiot

I know i have long gone from here, as usual i'm back as i really need to screaaam out!!
Really feeling so terrible with ego and selfish idiots, how could they think they are so great and not taking any other people advices and comments?

I admit, i'm not the greatest person in the world and im not flawless but i whatever i tried to point out has a point, it's not like i simply point at a donkey and say its a bad donkey?
My points not taken is fine..just go ahead and be in ur wonderful life that you think it's da best for you, but don't judge what im doing is a wrong thing or tease it..
i'm doing something good with efforts not something effortless and useless...and i just wanna share and hope all ppl shall do it since it's beneficial..

If you think it's all kinda  bullshits and your fucked up life is so good, just go ahead and be in such life thinking you're the best, your job is da best, your products are the stupid!

Such a fool to be manipulate by those people and brainwash by those people and now
see what are you? u spent so much and became a worse person? 
Giving you advices is just same as feeding the flies. 

Only think about how ppl could benefits you but never thought of giving a single thing, every single motive is to care bout your own're growing at this direction, u can't turn ur head back as u're getting worse and will be worst.

Mouth is always talking how great but action can never be seen. 

Selfish humans only know hw to make themselves feel best by making ppl around
suffer. Good, humans are already born with selfishness, nw its worse...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Be happy?

After watching the latest episode of gossip girl, i just can't get a clue
on wat's Blair doing!!
How could she believed that it was her praying that keep Chuck alive and
there she went and leave Chuck for good? 
Hmm...i just don't think this is that kind of sacrifices one should make to keep the loved one happy or safe or whatever?
Sometimes, a temporary happiness is way valuable than having a long time of being lost and feeling helpless.

Alright, some could be very positive to make the sacrifice counts and start take life
seriously and do not bring those who love you down but deep down, how happy can you be?
losing the love of your life and be more successful?

What Serena said was right, you just can't lie to yourself thinking that such sacrifice 
is the deal between god to keep him alive..

I just think that, sacrifices to be made are varies to various situation and loving one
doesn't mean that you have to let one go during the difficult time to give
one happiness. Love is about sticking together and go through all the thick and thin regardless of how the end is. 

One shall not lie to own self when it's about feelings, you can't truly listen to your heart, who else can you listen to? 
only you know what you want in life and what make you happy, don't hesitate ppl..
stop looking further, what you want might just just gotta reach out your
hand and grab the chances that will take you there.

I believe, nobody on this planet doesn't want to be happy..short term or long term,
it's much can you count? you can't count how long you wanna be happy,
just do what makes you happy and after all you will realize life is just so simple.

Owh well, that is how i think yet nothings come easy...
I guess this is the reason why god has given us a longer life span, perhaps our ability to understand what is life is much weaker than the other creatures on earth. 

Btw, it's CNY holidays!
Wishing all the Chinese a very prosperous year!!

And i do know how to be happy (:


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Monday, January 16, 2012

Ending of 2011

Times travel along with silent, it just flies as usual but as I'm growing older
it just never slow down and getting faster and quicker..
the whole year of 2011, it has been fun and i barely remember in details what I've done
throughout the year. 

I met new friends, i lost some elders..i guess, this is life? Feeling glad that i still have 
my love ones around, hope everything will remain the same's too painful to lose and it's too contradictory to move one. 

Owh well, just got to learn to appreciate...being older is about being wiser
isn't it?

After so long of MIA, here are pictures of my 11's dec...
I just wanna say that "i had a great 2011" since mid of Dec

Had a good celebration @ Jake's charbroil..retard face?

Rib eye-med well
Sirloin steak- med well
Deco fro x'mas @ Jake's

Hmmm...too full and DESSERT!!
The best brownies ice-cream that i've ever tasted!

One of the day @ Canton-i with 
Khy, Vincent, Gary & Jay

My first time..
Lai zi gai!! sedaaaap!!
Sweet n sour fish..this is damn best! *drool*

 22nd of Dec- Dong Zi

Woke up pretty early for this
and here's da end-product! nyoom

Random day

Steamed me!
my fav sea food- small small lala!
Best to eat the lil lala with the gravy!!

Happy New Year!! on the 1st
day of

This is too blur..fireworks @ K.L

12's January

I've dyed my hair with Liese bubble hair color

Time flies,
it's CNY soon and I have SHOPPING to do..
and gotta end this entry with
wishing you all a Happy New Year!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Will soon be backed in action,
exam is a killer =/

Stay tuned....

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