Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sleepless night before melaka.

It has been long since i last visit to melaka..:D

However, tat's not the main point..I just don't feel like sleeping after movie-ing with all my colleagues and my saayaang!!'s my sentimental time..Time for me to summarize what have happened recently and writing down all my thoughts here..(:

Here it goess :D

As a girl, I think I do have many close Girl frens, i care about them and no doubt that i really treasure them as my close gfs..
Gfs are priceless and it is so hard to get close gfs as girls are one of the most troublesome creature in this world..To find a gf that could really click with need something that we call "fate"
For example, Serena and blair on gossip girl... this drama might be da most bimbo show but it does show how two bestie go thru their teenage life together gether..
P/s: Sorry if I'm too obsess to that drama..:D

It's something that whoever @ my age would have experienced as it comes along with the way we grow.
While we are going thru backstabbing, pin pointing, judging, suspecting and all our heart started to grow thicker n thicker in da sense of getting stronger..
Friends forever is what I always say back in primary sch days..but the percentage of my primary sch friends whom I'm still contacting is just as low as 15%?
As we grow older...we changed and friends are really come and go..

however, there must be some friends that will always contacting you once a while even if each other are having busy lifestyle.
I'm glad that I have few of them..really feeling dam happie for that..
They are friends that I can't just rub away even if it takes months for us to meet up and all...surely will miss each other as time goes by.

by that, you tend to concern about what they are doing and problems that they might face.
when these priceless besties come to you for advises, you will never say no nor just show the layan face coz they are people that you couldn't throw them aside and not bothering them while they are having problems.

One day, bad news knock the door!
for example, one of them come to you and tell you how screwed up they are and how suck is their life right now..they are being lost couldn't get a way out..
Have you ever experienced that?
Your beloved kawan come to you and say...I'm living in a life that is not suitable for me and I'm struggling every night...
Well..I recently go thru that..and my response was!!
I feel sad along with her, I cry along with happens when I'm feeeeling extremely helpless towards the situation..My advices, solutions and all are not working @ all...
From there, I really feel heartache.....this is not the heartache when I have to say break up with my bf, not that kind of heartache when my dad is doing somthing ridiculous but that kind of heartache where I feeling so so so helpless, i can only stare @ what's happening and feel the pain that my fren is going through.

When I know that there's nothing that I can do to make her come back to the normal her, the pain instantly hit me in my heart and tears drop...thick phlegm started to make me feel hard to breath and keep crying crying along...

That feeling has somehow make me realize how much she meant to me..


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Lurvieess (:

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