Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A girl like me.

As usual, i stop by my blog with quite a few of random thoughts in my mind..
my bf always say that i like to think a lot, i can think and imagine stuffs to the
extent that I'm treating it as a reality. 

I suppose he's right and kinda bad huh...
I'm not sure that it's just me or any other ladies around the world are most or less
the same..like to predict, plan, pray, having hopes, negative thoughts, thinking things 
to have the worst possibilities.

Anyone here is just the same?

It's quite unhealthy isn't it? I wanna change and i wanna thinking more like a 
normal person..but it seems so vague as in, it's not something that
you have decided to do, then you can do it.

It's about how you control the way you feel..
I can overreact over something without digging the reason for that 
particular incident to happen.

So it often end up with misunderstanding as well as causing people around me to feel hurt and feeling so helpless..

I myself already feeling bad and helpless, i guess those that have to deal 
with this flaw of mine with me are gonna be much more helpless or perhaps be exhausted?

Negative thoughts and judgmental thinking are not healthy but these have been
with me since ages. I wish i know how to get rid of this.

    >.< y can't i make things simple

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