Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Listening to Jonas bros- when you look me in the eyes.

when u first meet a new fren, which part of him/her would definitely catch ur attention?
many ppl say they will first look into a person's eyes when they meet that person.

Eyes usually catch other ppl attention..
no matter how big is the eye size, it surely has some power to make ppl pay attention at it.

well..there are many people trying to impress other ppl by putting eye shadows, eye make up, lashes extension and all..
however, these make up will not perform ultimately if there's a lack of something call
" Color lens"
It's really common that people wearing colour lens, it makes someone look different and fresh.
No harm wearing a colour lens if u're already a normal lens wearer.
Am i right??.

Now the product has expanded it is just so
easy for those colour lens wearer...
u can now choose the colour that's matching with ur skin tone and ur hair..
it's not a hard task, u can just pay a visit to this website

from this website u can get to see different design like what we normally see lar..
Big eyes
Star and Jewel
last one is the CRAZEE lens.

Instead of wearing lens and looking so natural..


Wear glasses which u need to becoz of this stupid thing call astigmatism and short-sightedness...

u can look as unique as possible with these beautiful colour lens.

What do you think??
If you think it's pretty cool or fun..can just contact ME!!;)

There's 2 lenses per box.
The duration is 3 mths..
and Guess wat's the price???
You can get it at a reasonable price of RM me if you're interested.

you can leave a comment here..thanks =D

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Listening to lifehouse- everything.

It was a pretty fine day, it was also my first day of degree..
well...first day is definitely some shitty orientation it started around 9am and scheduled to be end around 5pm..

instead of following the orientation schedule, i skipped right after my registration for U.K Teesside programme...
haha..I told the coordinator tat my dad was outside waiting for me so i gotta run..
he was like : WAT??..wat kind of emergency..
I said : Emergency lar..they are downstairs, asked me to rush there ASAP
He was half convinced..however, he let me go..hahaa

Khy i so yao yi hei....i cakap bohong ler...

Followed khy's car back to his campus and picked lou wong up...
we were up to our journey to Semenyih temple ...
tat temple is awesome, ncie view and very peaceful =)
i like the enviroment..
The blessing was rather painful and powerful..hehe

Then i had a tour around the temple and snapped some pictures =')

Afterward, we headed to Seremban and visit lou wong's father Zhu Zap Zok restaurant...
Yumm yummm...
i have to promote abit lar...
whoever knows me well, sure know tat i don't really makan porridge one but lou wong's one...Really thumbs up =D
My family liked it too..ahhaa
thanks brodda!!! xD

Camera snap!!!

see the awesome view!

Nice anot??
not easy to find a lake surrounding with trees.

View form the upper side of the temple!

4 face buddha..

Beng siu lou wong xD
Ah hien and lou wong..

Last but not Least!!!

fish fish....feng sui fish!! xD

It's late..
need to feel my bed d..haha
nite nite=)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

My laptop is backed alive!

It's backed alive but in a really ill condition..
it's relying on some machine to keep it alive>.<
haha...Gonna update soon.

Night xD

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