Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Suddenly i have this thing in mind..

If there's no lies, the world would be ugly as lies being revealed.

I was thinking about this...
My colleague, he really got attitude problem and nobody in the work place suka dia..
so right, been finding some ways to fire recently he made a huge mistake which is being really late to work...
well..after so many times he got late to work, my supervisor got fed up and decided to fire him..

However, now i think...
What if my colleague lie to my supervisor saying that he was sick then he can't go to work?
as instead, he didn't...he went to work and admit that he was late coz he went out till very late the night before that.

It's like telling the truth or not somehow doesn't help anything..or sometimes it might be worse.
Don't you think so??
sometimes lies really make world more beautiful...

Funny thing..
Keep lying is really bad but we can choose to lie when there's a need.


You know what? laptop mati d..
half way goin to hell so i Can't blog much also..most of my pictures are in side..
and this lil laptop got usb port problem so i can't upload pics..
how sad!!!!

Bring my laptop alive man...
no money to buy new one coz need to pay for exam fee...all crash in one..damn freaking fan!
somehow, found a way to release a bit..ehhee
i miss Rasta and Damai lar..
EDWIN!!!! where're you??????????

Went alsafa with Caely last night and meet frens was indeed quite fun lar..
craps and lotsa nonsense..ahahah

owh..not forgetting..
hari raya at Defri's place was so unexpected, tot we would only stay there for a while...
mana tau we talk craps there for 3 long hrs b4 we actually left..ahaha
Can see the pics from my facebook.. wink*

Kay ciaaooo....xD

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