Thursday, November 24, 2011

Genie Please Appear!


Did I just remind you about genie?
That's my favorite Disney character back in my childhood time, and I finally have got the
chance to watch it for real!!
I bet you did imagine it to be performed right in front of your eyes when you were small..*wink*
Here is the chance and I'm so gonna watch the play..well, i wanna feel my childhood again!!

Aladdin Musical @ Sunway Amphitheater

The play will begin on the 25th of November 2011 - 2nd January 2012

The screenings are only once a day from Sunday to Friday @ 8p.m.
( There will be no screening on Tuesday)

Twice on Saturdays @
i) 7:15p.m
ii) 9:15p.m

Also, specially on these dates:
* 25th December (Sunday)
* 1st January (Sunday)

The tickets are selling as the price below:
RM 300, RM250, RM200, RM100

Children up to 12 yrs old

Any enquiries or information could be obtain from the websites below:


*Seating charts are as below

See you there (:

Credits to melia ( for the photos.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


From the middle of October to the ending of November, I believe this period of time ain't
so well as I myself already experienced a few of unpleasant incidents.

Strangely, it is a period that most of my friends have gone into emotional and it is just
so coincident. I wonder why? Apart from that, November is said to be a good month for
all as it's 11.2011? i guess its the 11 that matters and there are many couples had their
engagement and their wedding on November.

Well, i think it is a good month for people to get married but it is not a good month for
young couples around me. I have 4 friends of mine went into the status of
"single from the status of in a r.ship" on the same week.

I can't help to scratch head wondering why is everybody having the similar problems and
had it ended on the same month?
well, a break up doesn't come in a day or two, it came along with a few weeks of struggling
and uncertain.

As a friend, I did come across with all my friends' problems and try to advice them
or listen to them as best as i could. Listening is a virtue and is a good deed isn't it?
Indeed, i feel quite proud for myself to be such a patience person as well as a good friend.
*tsk* self praising... *shy*

The point is, I just couldn't help myself from being affected by my friends emotions.
Like i usually say, I'm not a superwoman nor a saint, my emotions get shakey and not steady
in times. Because of their problems and their way of making a decision towards the relationship,
it kinda like scare me. I started to reflect myself as in like taking them as an example, if i constantly behaving that way in my relationship, will my bf react the same way as my friend?
And therefore, resulting a depressing breakup?

This just came to me, i just had to start thinking.
As my bf always say, i always think a lot, sometimes i can even think beyond something...
Along with all these depressing stories, i just started to think even more..started to wonder
is it a certain for a person to react such way?

I certainly didn't show my "thinking a lot" while advising or listening to my friends' problems,
i tried to be rational and advice them the right thing to do and the right way to have things
sorted out.
After all the long chat and granny stories, some of them will feel better and so they will
stop being emotional for a while...yesh, it's just for a while...haha
but some of them, they're rather stubborn and continue with all their nonsense thoughts in mind.
Stuffs that don't exist would affect them badly and make them have tasteless meal everyday.

Isn't it funny? humans are just too different in terms of thinking.

The funniest is that i was rational enough to advice them and ask them not to think too much, but for my own, i just think as far as i could and as ridiculous as i may.

This is my one big problem.
Hmm..I gotta admit it. I can just get affected and start to take others problems to be in my situation.
Rational doesn't always happen after all.

I guess this does happen to everyone, knowing too many of negative stuffs does make someone
weaker and does pull someone down.
The only solution to this is, believe in good thing. To have faith and to believe not all will
end up this way and even if it does, doesn't mean you were wrong. Rather believe in it and
fight for it than losing it cause you didn't even have the guts and faith to keep urself go further.

It is hard and it takes time, some may only realize it and actually practicing it in an hour
its like " thanks god u make me realize this "
Some might taking years to realize that. I guess i'm one of them...
Lol...I shall hypnotize myself and convince myself to believe.

And here is something that i would like to share,
I was watching Luanlegacy today, one of the statement was so true,
Luanlegacy said " You might feel worthless coz the one you love dumped you, but you're still priceless to many people around you, so just cry all you want when you have a bad break up and be alright a.s.a.p"

Haha..this bitchy dude does have a point, break upers can You tube him, he can speak like
a girl as if he does understand girls.

Good night readers.

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