Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can't breathe easy.

There is a song metaphoring missing is a kind of pain even when you breathe. It goes all around your body when you miss somebody.

The feeling of sourness is everywhere as if it's going through your veins causing a slight thorny pain inside your skin or even deep in the flesh.
Such pain was metaphoring the sorrow of missing the love one...you miss him but you can't get to
see him.
You can't get to tell him how much you love him,
You can't get to let him know that you care,
You can't get to talk to him like your best buddy,
You can't get to update him about your everything,
You just can't......

It's such painful that you have the strength to love but you don't have the energy to hold your love.


It just happen when you fail to hold someone tight when you had the chance..
you tried, you became tired and then you have the thoughts to give up...and it just keep haunting
you, asking you to just let it be and let it go...
regardless of how you actually feel towards the one you love.

When love brought two together, it becomes an obligation? a challenge? a obstacle for other stuffs?
These make love becomes vague, your heart refuse to sense its existence, you will most probably sense the tiredness and toughness within it.

And...all humans are weak when come to love..they would not surrender to tonnes of works which bring unlimited stress but they would surrender to stress that were formed by love...
stress resulting from dealing with your love one..

how to compromise?
how to improve?
how to argue less?
how to plan for the future?
how to resolve financial problem?

All these are stress that hardly would come to an end...
thus, people choose to give up, choose to throw tantrum and eventually it just lead to a bad break up...

After all these dramas, when it is time to think calmly and reminisce, its time to miss the one you chose to give up...
started to ask yourself, why didn't you hold on to it?
ask how did it come to this?
ask why didn't he/she assure me?
ask why love isn't enough to hold both together?

The answer is,
it's not about love being not strong enough or love is not everything...
it's about the way you look @ it...how much you actually appreciate it...
how you treat it....
its not about loving someone more then you will love yourself less.
its how you love yourself to love others better.


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