Saturday, August 18, 2007

one night camp.

PLTC camp..* chee kong. yong ming. secky. hui xian*
4 of us acted as "urusetia" for tis camp.....actually ntg much to help
And so...we
had fun playing and fooling aroud....

i feel so touched....yong n kong cooked tis for me...=D

isnt he sexy?

yong said: chee kong improves alot..=)

A closer look...yummie

Next session...=X

music...for da night..pretty cool

kaaraoke...he had fun singing loudly in da mid of da night..12 somthing i think

singing "barbie girl"..=D

thanks to our DJ-win han


they were trying to scare da juniors...

hen lame..

result was...da juniors were looking at them lik tis =.="


his sexy pose..=)

cooking spaghetti with stone...=D

i mopped 730 in da morning...dont u feel touched kitt..

can u c da difference? foot is quite

aiks...wait for da next post..

victoria institute..


Things I got for Once.

Finally i got my Scout Name Tag for once!..I've been waited for so long since last year until now..finally it i got it!..but one thing that I'm not satisfied with is the name tag without a scout emblem there..Potong (-.-)"...but better than nothing..Sadly, I'm gonna step-down soon...what's the point of it when there's only a chance for me to show off my name tag..=\ it's like almost the end of my journey towards scout..well..i guess so..I can't complain much because it was given by the troop.. so just bare it..

Now, you may see me *ohsooldlooking* in my passport picture..

..don't you think i looks like those ppl who stuck in the office? haha, this is my most satisfying passport picture I've taken since standard 6..all of it just so sux..i cant believe the sch's is way much better than the outside photo shop ones..

And now, I'm still waiting for my Class, Scout, S&J and Leo Picture..why those pictures need such a long time??it's not like asking to you touch-up on it right..just...yea..few months already..


Friday, August 17, 2007


I just realised that i had quite a number of diff shape is ball..not the "balls" u thinking..*youarereallysickifuthoughtofthatpart*...

first, let me introduce my best friend..REDDIE!

..was given by my godmother few years back when i was standard 6..I'll sit on it whenever i want..there was once when Mathew, KinMeng and HuiXian came to my hse and saw this ball, KinMeng and Mathew got so high over it..especially Mathew..guess what he did??yeah..he sat on it and shake it shake it..notice the 2 thing pointing out from the ball itself??Mathew treat that as *uknowwhatimean*..and non-stop syok sendiri..loool..

secondly, this was one of the lucky draw from Interact Installation 06/07..Yellowie.

still remember that the Rachel Yau keep bugging me to give this ball to her..No Way!..anyway, the eyes really looks like yours..

Next, the crystal snow ball given by my cousin sis, was Christmas's exchange present..nice right??

actually there are more to go..but among them i chose those that i give notice on the most..As you know,..I'm lazy to post up so many pictures..

Next, You'll be surprised if you c it or whatsoever reaction....








A weird eye given by TeikLye..he got this from Bangkok..somehow i just find it interesting because it scares my brother...LoooL...

You must be thinking what so special about this eye i'll present you the disgusting part of it..den den den deeennn............






Here it is..

HuiXian reckon that TeikLye felt the eyes looks like mine..that's why he gave it to me..hehehe..very funny...=}..isn't it disgusting??but it's funny when i simply create a lame prank on my brother..haha..

k enuf BALL...

Anyway, i have to Congrats scouts for their *waitedforsolong* achievements in Canteen Day..especially to Caely and KarMun..and those who helped out during Canteen Day..Credits to all of you...=]

and Happy Birthday to you Mum..


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Live together Die alone.

tis phrase is always in my mind....
"Lost" is quite influential...can't stop thinking bout this thing as in da world nowadays is juz rather pathetic.
Is money making da world goes round Or love?...
theres no longer a forever for love.
if u sitll believe in it..then it might happen to you... is da only thing dat make human being behave like one...
being materialistic, realistic, desperate...all these circumtances come from Money...
i always ask kitt when i tend to avoid somthing...
why do we nid to study????....and most ppl dislike it..
kitt would probably answer me with smile "ask da one who invented MONEY"

shes right...but without money....ntg can be done...
its juz doesnt make sense...
money and knowledge...should they categorize in one group?
at the same time...where is the love???

ppl would juz forget bout love....when they are drowning in money... da word to describe it.
theres thousand of cases about ppl killing their wife or whoever...juz to get benefits from theere
whats da point actually....i always read cases lik tis...
one of those...
it is about a wife...who has a husband dat love buying new and trendy car..for example
he had a loan from dai yee loong....and he stil owe his grandmma plenty of money..
yet, he dont care bout anything...he juz bought da car...
thing happen when he owe ppl alotof money...
his wife..which is da pitiful wan....she had to go work...
at dat time..she had no she worked at pub in sunway...
so...theres a "ah loong" who intrested in her...wanted her to sleep with him for a night..
she rejected him and she was scared....
so..she asked her husband to fetch her home EVRY LATE NIGHT
her husband DINT GIVE A DAMN to his wife....he slept while her wife was working... night..when she was waiting for taxi...
da one who intrested in her....came with car...and juz grab her into da car...
she cant do anything at dat she got raped by dat bastard....
3 months later~~

...she wanna divorce with her blardy husband...
so she told him bout dat incident...and she hopes dat da husband would KESIAN her.
guess wat....he gave her a glare and said..."so long d...u didnt tell me, how would i noe"
tis kind of husband...chop into thousand pieces and flush into da toilet bowl...hahaha
agree with wat kitt said.."P

ok..back to da topic..
its juz fucking silly...they lost their humanity...
money is too much..
Fact: money doesnt buy u happieness...

till the end...
ppl are selfish...
"live together die alone", evryone pratices it...
exception for soldier mayb...they are willing to sacrifice..haha

NS: to those who kena NS...
must appreciate da chance of getting chosen...=)
by da way...both of us are free...=D



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