Saturday, March 31, 2007

..::Lunch on 30/3/2007::..

blhahawell..the purpose for me to post this asap is too stop xian from being miserable..dun feel lost..i too..that's y im trying to do sumthin to cheer u up buddy..but i really cant think of any..cuz i felt lost too..but still i have my own point of view..which is continue with it..ntg can stop us from being miserable right?..haha..

back to where im suppose to blog..
our physics project 4/5 part of it done....due to xian n my effort in doin that project..and vincent feel bad that he did a little part of he decided to spend us to eat at and xian ordered the cheesy bitez..that's really nice..but to not nice..cuz muahahaha.. after having our lunch at KFC, we decided to go to i still owe vincent 1 meal..but turns out to be 1 ice-cream!..and i met sum1 there...what a coincidence..anyway, back to the topic..while we were eating/drinking our food..there's 3 fella suddenly pop up in front of us..guess who they are.....and they are..
gerald leong..and lee jun hsien..u noe what's with jun hsien's face..well, he's actually laughing non-stop..his face all red..just like me..b4 they came..i was there non-stop laughing too for no reason!..kinda weird huh..and because of this, vincent and xian too..laugh for no reason..but blur xian thought i laugh at some 2 or 3 boxes..(only me, xian n vincent knows what's that about)..ppl who sit next to us keep looking at if i had gone insane =]after that, this sor poh rachel decided to post with the "\/"..she really like taking pictures..even when she's eating..she of the 3 fellas.. =Phuixian..playing with the straw..what is she looking at?..vincent!..nah..2nd pic of urs..and u know what..he met this "passerby" new friend who keep smiling at him, and got him shocked...haha..but too bad he din come back with a parang..*disappointed xian*

sometimes later, both of them decided to buy ice-cream..guess what they did..they tried to suck the ice-cream into their mouth..and keep playing with it =.="..a close pic of them..look at jun hsien!..the ice-cream is dripping!!..he keep pushing in and out of the cone..felt a bit disgusted..because of this..i started to burst into laugher again..hahahaha..and they laughed too..hahha..

and vincent, thx for the lunch!..hehe

this post is quite i don't really know what to post..


-my thought-

You're exceptional the way you are Don't need to change for nobody-Exceptional from Jojo.

i don't feel lik doin anythng except blogging..
here comes my point of view in life.
i've been thinking of my purpose in life ever since i heard vic's death, his leaving is a tragic and it is so unexpected.
He is gone in sudden without any trace, no nothng...wat is da point of staying alive?...
why does tis happen, its juz making evryone around feel dead n lifeless.
when comes to the question oF " what is ur purpose in life" i will definately get stun and nothng will come out from my mouth.
seen thru elders' path of life they most probably entered coll after their spm and started to work after they've furthered their education in order to reach their goal
Fer me theres nothng describes as goal ..whats my aim? i am totally lost !!!.

haha...sounds so serious wif it.
but i noe i will get my answer one day and its juz the matter of time.
nothng can be rushed by now coz it is all bout waiting.

Waiting?...wat a word..
some ppl juz cant wait so they choose to behave lik a wannabe or a desperado.
they juz dress lik a fugly and walk around to gain attentions...dats annoying
they mostly desperate in love n it shown that they r so so so freaking LIFELEss compared with whoever is mor progressive towards their future(
it makes me think of vinc, he is much mor progressive now)
come on la ppl!!! theres not only love in tis pathetic nor not ugly world..
why cant ppl juz live for themselves n not some other unworthy ppl...

when theres a chance to stay u alive..pls take that chance becoz there is always somebody behind u expecting you to be with him/her till ur last breathe...=)

sorry to let u guys read tis miserable post...haha

but i hope whoever lifeless reader ere can be awake after reading tis...

* No offence *

-written by xian-

Friday, March 30, 2007

..::Class of 5 Jasmin::..

...still remember last year our class was a very quiet class..whenever there's teacher or not..the class will still remain not joking k..but ever since this year, our class started to change..starting to become more n more noisy..u know who u r..hahah..*no offence*..and seriously really annoying and irritating..those sharp noises...and *pumpumpum* noises..really irritates a lot..teachers even said our class were so much diff compared to last year..discipline is the best???oh yeah??hahah..that's what pn chin told us..but now and then..i started to like my class..and i like my class!..haha..this is the snapshot during some free period..enjoy!

they were trying to greet the teacher, and i just snap it..hahah..c what's chung trying to do..trying to block but too bad..dun u think Vincent looks like mannequin in this??muahhahhah
these girls too..trying to cover their face from my camera..
guys..they created their way of playing Chinese using coins to replace the things..and paper drawn by themselves..
oh of the crap.Fm member..
ah thye Deedee!!..come la..slap la..i posted up ur pic..hahah
finally i post up this guy pic..wei jung..satisfied??
wing chung..ntg to say..posing for the camera too..
hahah..wong hoi lap..dun u think is nice??hahah
huixian..i know u wont like this picture cuz there's something behind which spoilt it..

* us * kittlei & huixian..
our table..what a mess..
he said as long as he look better than us in the pic then is OK..'s vinnitha with us!..

this is our form 5 life..and now is end of march..and time passed really fast..can u imagine what's our life after 10 years??


Thursday, March 29, 2007

>>>Coral lunch<<<


few days didnt blog ere d becoz of all those projects... its so tiring><..form 5 now n so we nid to be mor progressive
....^.^ hence, i went to kitt's hse juz to finish n b4 tis i got to try kitt's cook...which is fried rice

can u c her skill?...actually she was saying no to me...


does it look tempting??=)

its da combination of guava n apple...its very sweet!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

class photo

due to some ppl said that i din post up their picture on my previous now i decided to post a class photo which include most of u ppl faces..haha..except for some of u lah of it's fair right ah jung??hahah..but the picture quality is a bit blur..and ppl still not ready for the photo that's it la..

* kittlei *

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Got tagged by kitt few weeks ago....
Name : wai yim
Birth Date : 27-02-1990
Current Status : obviously im still single
Eye Colour: its black..*rare*
Hair Colour : typical Black.."P
Righty of lefty : Righty !
My Heritage : Talkative
My Fears : strangers?
My weaknesses : hard to please.
My Perfect Pizza : pizza with mozzarella cheese..sedapnya"P
My thoughts first waking up : can i wake up few mor mins later?..
My bedtime : when I'm tired..
My most missed memory : lots of u wan me to make a story? xD
Layer 4 : My Pick
Pepsi or Coke : i will ony think of coke when i'm too thirsty.
McD or Burger King : McD !
Single or Group Dates : Both .
Nike or Adidas : i prefer da tick logo !
Tea or Nestea : Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Vanilla!!
Cappuccino or Coffee : cappuccino.."P
Smoke : i dont but sad to say my dad does
Curse : how do u think?..hehe
shower : fer sure..
Have a crush : asking me?
Think you've been in love : i dont noe.
Go to school : I'm a gud girl..."P
Want to get married :as every woman's tot
Believe in yourself : yeap
Think your a health freak : haha..depends
Drank alcohol : make sure i wont get cheat...
Gone to the mall : hu doesnt?..
Been on stage : yeap...
Eaten sushi : yup..
Dyed your hair : nop...since my hair is juz nice"P
Played a stripping game : nop
Changed who you were to fit in : nop i think
To be married : around 26-28..xD
Best eye colour : dark brown or black
Best hair colour : Black
Short hair or long hair : short...coz it looks smarter..
A minute ago : doin proposal which nid to hand up to hoi lap.
Hour ago : breakfast...
4.5 hours ago : sleeping.
1 month ago :my bufday!
Year ago : wondering how would my form5 yr b?
I love : myself!
I feel : hot
I hate : cockroach!!
I hide : when i couldnt bear wif da noises =)
I miss : the me before being so stress
I need : to rest
One : kin meng..
Two: baboon!
Three : joe!
Four : li ching!
Five : ah lap!

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