Saturday, April 25, 2009


U know what???
I'm gonna Whine about whatever shits here....

After Sem 2 had come to an end, i instantly feel so so so relieved!!
So..i was influenced by frens who told me how fun is "KITCHEN CITY"
well..since i was free tat night, i played it!
freaking funny as Jovi was my chef, then caely is my waitress my jeh also as my waitress..

of coz..i torture caely more, she often work 2 ppl's job and often get lil rest as she's always been the iron woman that i know.
She's really hardworking, she helped me to clean up everything and help me to earn so much money till i was able to purchae new furnitures and new recipes!!..

It was freaking fun the first night i played it..
the the nex day i logged in, everybody was dead...Only jovi was left alive...coz i let him to reest b4 i off9
then right..i only fed caely an apple then let her continue working..haha
my jeh was good enuff coz i let her sleep to get suffiecient sleep..!!..xD

i dunno wtf is wrong with my line, stremyx has been sucking my line so badly these few weeks!
bcoz of tat particular technical prob, i wasnt able to playFISH again!!
i can't even load the page or enter my restaurant as it's really MATI!!
how pathetic can i be, i even tried logging in with Iphone when i was working..well just trying my luck, coz iphone has no flash player..Lool

This Facebook is really making me mad...
i can laaugh and cry at the same time!
very Gerammmm...
'ntg goes weellll!!

Stop commenting how lifeless am i now..i know i'm quite lifeless but at least not as last time..
no longer a girl who often go one u just for cinema..haha
at least, now i go one u to WORK!
Yeah..Work work and work!!
i want more money xD

P.s: don't cry ya caely..=)

Monday, April 20, 2009

I Can't Be a Model.

I freaking look like the Hk-70's-star
"Lam Ah Zhan"

I'm so in love with Lady Gaga-Love games..two thumbs up!
"let's have some fun, this beat is sick
I wanna take a ride on your disco stick" was a very sunny saturday..
I was sleeping so soundly after whole nite of badminton on friday...
Caely gave me a call around 9++ in the morning, i heard the ringtone ringing but then...i couldn't pick up the phone..all i did was keep pressing the button to answer the call IN MY DREAM.
Hahaha..hilarious!!..then i woke up after an hr and returned the call..

Caely was like.."" EH, I got off day lar, Wanna go play??..I WANNa BE a MODEL""
I reacted, HUH??..u sure??...then she said.."y not.."
then i was so shoyk sendiri also..i got dressed up and took a cab, met her at Paramount lrt station...

so on the way there, we kept laughing and talk craps and wanted to call more ppl to go and see see...but only Justin said yes to join us..
he was so kind to pick us up from Sri petaling station which is miles away from his hse.. =/
paiseh!!..thanks so much Jia-Sii-Ding..!!xD

He was so flattered that we
asked him to be our nanny-of-the-day. xD

We didn't really know how to go into the mall form the car park actually, we are totally Mines-noob...till we got to that event goose bump!!
coz it was an open-audition, everybody was there to see ur cat-walking on tat stage!

The stage and 2 hosts.

I was like..""caely...really, u want??""
then Justin..was so hyper there and said .."" u both took all da way here, just play lar""
haha..he was having fun teasing us and snapping pretty gals pictures..haha

HAhahaha..right after this..

Then WE DID Register..but i was DISQUALIFIED due to my height..lool
I short...ENUFF!!..Sooob...

Lool..the requirements written down there saying
"female with a minimum height of 160cm""

well..Caely was tall enough to join the audition but unfortunately, she was
considered the short one among the crowd..=/
Eventhough she didn't get in as the judge, Priscilla said "thanks for coming" but it was pretty fun to experience cat-walking on stage..haha
not many ppl can do dat.."wink"

She did speak confidently..
i was too bz taking pics, so didn't really see how she actually
walked on stage..hehe

Anyway, we didn't really care bout it and we went for lunch right after the registration..Food in Pho Tai is pretty delicious.Mwahhhh

and ya..we purposely dress the same tat day!!..

We had the chance to see this She-male goes on the stage and show his "fabulous body""
telling the judge that there was a similar case on american top model...
"dude...It's msia lar!""....the judge was having a hard time shoo-ing him

His body would be Wonderful with BOOBIESS!

Anyway, things went stupid tat day..
And lotsa random pictures!!..

2 retarted kids in ""gong-woh-tong""

here come the other

not so retarted!!..

A crazeee day it was,
went dinner after dad picked us up from mines then went yum cha around 11++...
Caely gotta burst so many things out tat night and it was nice sitting in kian's Gen2 and chit-chat..hahaa

Study time!!!
Acc paper is not ez..Dislike it so much..=/
well....i think I might gonna take up accting+finance as my dgree..xD

"Let's play a love game,play a love game"
-Love games.

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