Saturday, September 20, 2008

I don't know who he is.

Listening to Mika's Love Today.

I'm so pissed off with him d, he fcking make me so angry over his stupid and irresponsible attitude..
if u wanna act like other asshole, pls just be one and don't involve me...u freaking pissing me off..Felt like u are just a dumbass who is trying to change urself to be a loser...Its ain't cool !!!
u are just so annoying, how i wish i can hate him...fckg shit~

Being selfish and egoistic is wat u can actually do best with no doubt, seeking for ur helps is like FOREVER AND NEVER. U are so freaking into ur own Fckg life now and i just got to be da victim bcoz of ur asshole attitude. I used to know u and freaking side u whenever and watever happened, but now, I don't think Its right to side u coz u are just a guy that make everyone miserable and ended up feeling alone in urself....I wanna see How Long Can It last!

How many times have u blamed me for doing such thing and dragged u into some awful situation?..NAH~~~ u think I do it in purpose???...Fckg shit, u are always da one who din plan thing properly and i din't freaking know wat was it about and i was so innocent when ppl ask me, and u ended up blamed me for telling da Fckg Truth...If thats my problem??? if u still think dat?... u don't deserve anything from me anymore....u always say i got big mouth and all, oh well, i only tell the truth bcoz u din tell me bout ur plan and i can't read ur mind right?
However, i still have to love u as who u are....i have no choice but I'm totally sure that I won't bother any of ur stuffs d, u seem to blame me for every minor thing...Its saddening, I don't wanna take dat anymore...look~ this is how u make me think....if u read this, if u come and fight with me again?....i guess u are so immature. Even so if u think i post on blog , it is such a immature way too?...but atleast i find the right way to release my anger, unlike u, release it on other ppl...Dont wanna fight no more, it makes my life miserable~
hopefully, u can change to a better man...


I'm done with it,
now i shall talk bout somthing else....

On tuesday, it was a day that i got to go coll by myseslf again, it was much better than da previous time...ahaha
but i was late though, dad always FFK me and i have no choice to kao tim myself...ehhe

During lunch time. Esha and her bf invited me to have lunch with them....this time,
i din turn them down and went FRIENDSTER for lunch with them...
her bf is freaking funny, they make cute couple =) in FRIENDSTER is really good....oops, u might think dat esha is a malay and why ain't she fasting?..haha
yeah...the waitress there also looked at her like one kind, she din feel good to eat...lool
She was actually under a condition which she can eat during dat week...haha u get wat i mean??...and her Bf is a mix of German+Malay, well..he only fast when the gf fast..loool
so funny...but, i really did have good time with them..=)

My cabonara

Esha's dancer club?..i forgot da name
Looks very nice

His lamb chop, taste good!

Gotta go do my acc works d,
its quite irritating..but have to finish it..cause my final is so freaking near..~~~~

Love ya,

Monday, September 15, 2008

They are sorta leaving..

listening to Jonas Brothers' hello beautiful.

Ever since I've stepped out of high sch, frens are really leaving one by one to somewhere else for studies or works...
It is very obvious that we are going to diff paths and so gonna miss each other..
miss those times we used to have fun, those time we used to gossip and do silly stuffs together...laughter and tears, seem never ending...
But, somehow..
we gotta separate...>.<

She just came back from NS, and she is leaving now....mayb for a yr or more..
used to see each other every day and talk bout stories...bla bla bla!!

He is leaving too...came back from a place where i can hardly travel to..lool
used to crap and talk alot but now...the chance seems very slim huh~~

Welll.....I had my good time with them last week, meet them before they go somewhere far from me..mmm!!

hee...Did take some pictures with Ling and Ween last Saturday at OU..=)
remember??...we love OU!!
sadly, we dint take pic during both dinners..hehe

It was long since we camwhoreed.

Even longer, needless to say.

Well, shes leaving...>.<


Glad that we still keep in touch..=)

nothing much i wanna say,
just miss them =]

Lots of love,

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