Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It is gonna be a very touching entry, as u know hui xian is a very nostalgic kind of girl, so this entry will be mostly all about those DAYS in high sch..>.< Lately, i kinda in love with movies, hollywood teens movie to be more specific. Been very dreamy these days and i think i started to miss my high sch life & friends...owwh >.<
Jung says: i miss high sch frens.
I think we feel da same as Jung does..ain't we?

Things that will nvr fade away

1) No doubt, i do miss jung throwing pens to annoy us.

2)Making fun of fee fee's face.

3)Chinese lessons for beng siu

4)Huang Huang talk

5)Su Jen's lame jokes and also his well-known laughter

6)Pn Ting's lessons

7)Fights in class.

8)Pn Meena's mean talks.

9)The confession of love (khy to ah cee)

10)The love Bird story (created by khy)

11)Lee Jen's noises

12)The story of Qing Qing. (the only thing that khy will definately feel paiseh)

13)The lengendary of Shang Quin.

14)The British Jung.

15)The Hokkien Khy.kan fu, lala zai, hoi lap.( now upgraded to Beng Siu)

16)The noisy Fei

17)The perfect Thye

18)Our dai siu jeh-ah Cee

19)The lamest/potonger-kitt

20)And ya, the lala me=.="

Time fly by fast..
so, take care my friends. i miss u all =)


Monday, March 31, 2008


As you can see my title, I'm so bored...till I chose to blog...Though this is not the first option for a person who is lazy to blog. YEAH MAN!!!HAHA.

Basically, it has been a quiet day... As usual, I'm R-O-T-T-I-N-G again. Despite being an aimless person waiting for the college intake and accompanied my mother to work, I'm doing things which I don't like and filled with boredom all around me. It's pretty bad..

Of course, not that pathetic. I baked cake. LoL! This time is not with cake mix but ingredients by my own...Awwwww....I'm so good at it.....MUAHAHHAHAHHAHA *perasannya*. Sorry pictures not available.

Besides that, I've been playing MahJong lately. At
p/s KhyLi and HuiXian : when's the next MahJong session? I know how to play now! ahhaha
Now I know when to PONG, CHE, SEK WOO and etc. Heeee! And my mum joined me too..LoL. I met Vincent today and he said go his house and play...=P but cari kaki lar...pandai ni...To talk about Vincent, I just recalled I met few ex-SeaParkian in Baskin Robin. And they were John Lim, Janice the BR class, Sarah and Vincent. I guess everyone is getting a worth Ice-Cream on the 31st. with the discount rate of 31%.Haha..Just love it!
So.....when's MahJong? haha..But don't MahJong till your hand turns....

Like that...haha

That's it from KittLei....

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