Monday, October 01, 2007

Future Path.

Basically, I guess this is the time to decide which path that you're going after SPM..and i recalled some of my old memories..

When we were young and naive, we tend to accept what the adult said. Let me show an example..

Mother : darling, what's your ambition?
Me(4 to 5 years old) :...uhm..hehe..mummy, what's ambition?
Mother : well, that's something to do with your future career..
Me : mummy..what's career??..(yeah..i know, I'm a little dumb that time..=] )
Mother : career is your know job right?
Me : yes future job??any suggestions?
Mother :
Me : er...WHICH ONE CAN EARN THE MOST? (as I'm money minded..)
Mother : doctor?lawyer?pilot?
Me : OOHhhh..then doctor la.. (cause my interest internal organs since young =] )

but things started to change after I entered primary school..and I intend to become a forensic scientist..or even a brain surgeon..and I've studied so hard for that..and turns out in my secondary school, I decided to change due to my interest in Organizing Event..but is that what always wanted?and i chose to enter sub-science because i don't want to waste time on biology stuff..but now I'm a little regret..because i realised that sub-science subject all needed calculations..which i hate the most..grhhh..

maybe i just listen to the tai siong lou and move to computer science? He said my future will be much better in that path..and said Malaysia is not my my own country I can't survive moreover in other country?and my mum always wanted me to become an accountant..but i hate calculations..i like my job that's needed intelligence..and not do something that intelligence ask u to do...well, i should just bang my head onto the wall..and competitor will be lesser by 1. =]

so, after crapping for such long..and i still can't find my very own deep in my heart's shaking..or maybe there's an answer..just that I'm not willing to let it out..after form 5, which one should i choose? A-levels, or foundation course..i really don't want to spend my 3 years wasting time on that..I want to take foundation..yet my answer still hiding..sigh..or maybe I should just marry a millionaire and when he's dead..their i can enjoy can life travelling around the world..

I don't want to regret anymore, now is the right time to make my right choice. i want it to for the rest of my life so that I'll able to enjoy what i want. =]


steps in life.

flip-flop rock !

todae, i have been surfing the net since an hr ago.

when i was checking out my anime(bleach)'s character list thru wikipedia, i tot of somthing intresting to write as my blog entry for tonight..
i was then insert the word " camwhore" in my google search after i 've done with my anime's stuffs...
and guesss wat, i found somthing dam intresting about da term "cam-whore".
as we can c da whore followed by the "cam", its actually quite insulting..
and see wat i got in wikipedia about the term "cam-whore"

For example---

??? dot dot.....


A cam whore (sometimes cam-whore or cam-slut)[1] is an individual who exposes himself or herself on the Internet with webcam software in exchange for goods, usually via enticing viewers to purchase items on their wish lists or add to their online accounts.[2] While the label is usually considered derogatory and insulting,[3] it is also used by these people to describe themselves, occasionally in a self-deprecating manner.
The term "cam whore" is also used to refer to individuals who post pictures or videos of themselves on the Internet to gain attention. The term disparages those who post pictures of themselves at inappropriate times or places, and usually implies self-absorption. This second usage of the term, deriding vanity and histrionics, is overtaking the prior, more intuitive definition. It is usually synonymous with
attention whore.
The term was first used in print as early as November 2001,
[4] but may have originated in Australia as early as 1999.[5]
Some insights into the world of underage cam whores was provided by a major article in the
New York Times. It described the story of Justin Berry, a thirteen-year old boy who, after hooking up his webcam and listing himself on an online forum in order to make friends, was propositioned by older men to strip and masturbate on camera.[6] CNN referred to him as a cam whore.[7] He eventually started his own paysite, let himself be molested for money, sold video recordings of his encounters with Mexican prostitutes, and helped to hire other underage models.[6] He made several hundred thousand dollars over five years.[6] In the end he turned all information over to prosecutors in exchange for immunity.[6]

haha... the story written in wikipedia is intresting..
as i always say, human tend to misuse evry single thing in their daily life...
mayb we shud say that human being possess the ability of changing things into somthing they wish to...or mayb that's what we call creative and innovative..




spm is coming soon...very soon
and i always want it to end as quick as possible...
dont u find that torturing??...i do, coz ever since i've entered form 5
my mind is always spm spm and spm....when i spend my time on games or hanging out for longer, my mind would remind me automatically bout studies...gosh, i dont want to be lik tis for any longer cause i cant take da stress...
and i have become more stressful coz of the inti coll's workshop, it was the only workshop i felt regretted for attending...

that ang moh speaker seems so pro and those things that he was trying to deliver to us were quite instresting and alright at times..
but after i got out of da hall, i found myself confused with evrything in life...
thanks to mind was changed drastically bcoz of his "theory"
so i started to get confused with my purpose in life, it was like i got injected by some hypnagogue..

dam scary, the way he guided us to be a success could'nt apply on me and i was like...WTF when comes to study...ahha
and bcoz of those things he said, i started to afraid of evrything in life..=X
his words can kill ...dam scary
mayb i shall comfort myself by saying "im not a nerd and i cant be a nerd", coz if i am or i could,
i would be doin exactly da same thing like what he had delivered to us...ROFL
oh thanks god that im not that crazee to increase an hr of doin revision per day...dat sounds so crazee..dont u think so??..
however, he was trying to help...thanks for sharing man..

yeah, dats all for this blog entry



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