Saturday, July 04, 2009

Those days!

Recently, I don't really carry my camera along where ever i go, and it has affected my blog to be so EMPTY.. xD

I lazee to upload more pics also due to the amount of pictures that are being stored in my laptop is really i slow down a lil bit...
then todae, i was trying to clear some rubbish, i realized...i didn't put any pics about KERLING CAMP yr 08..on my blog nor my facebook..hee
basically, the pics are just there for no
poor piccies... i'm gonna post up some here..;)
i do MISS those days in jungle camps..xD

mwahh jungle...

sharing is caring..
they all learn to share=)

The food seems too much for

our way to obtain CLEAN
water from the small stream.

the rocks there are really sharp and slippery!
thanks god i din fall into the river..haha

Dinner by everyone XD

halangan komando.

Mud is our fren xD
Embrace them!!

Learn to work together..xD


shower in it..makes no diff?..haha


The top was designed by Alwin
Very unique!! raincoat?

mcm apa??lol
yee en's tummy!!!hahahah

our dinner..hee

i left after that..=/
really miss the moments during jungle camp!

P/s: Yee en..kamu mesti balik end of this yr for the jungle camp!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Du-ri-an =)

A small piece of memories to be kept.

I was watching the confession of a shopaholic before i came n blog...
and in between that, i was so so so happie that i had DURIAN!
i love it, just lovin it so so so much...the taste bring a slight bitter but most of it is sweet and when u have a bite at it.

the bitter n sweet thing sounded exactly like love..
the big big DEAL - LOVE!
it's always bitter no matter how u view it, it's always bitter !
not as sweet as we tot..=/

however, ppl love being in love..that's just like how i fancy DURIAN!
It like a sudden urge to eat durian, so i had this yummie yummie msg being sent to my brain and i keep screaming " DU-Ri-An"
haha..till my bro couldn't tahan my noise, he went out and it makes him think of me when he saw durian!!..Lol
he bought some home..2 thumbs up!
lol..all of sudden, i love my bro even more=P

when it was opened, then i saw this yellow colour fruit!! favouriteee!!
i don't mind my bf giving me a fabulous durian as my valentine gift..LOol
i'm being shock-sendiri in the morning!!forgive me ya!

all i wanna say is,
loving somebody is real bitter, nothing taste right when the person u love turn on ur back. when u care bout him/her so much, but she/he can't even sense it.
instead of being appreciated, they feel that u're getting overboard. how would that feel right?
it is not even sweet anymore, not a bit of it..=/
slowly, the one u love, u care started to avoid u and feeling that the way u treat her/him is quite annoying...
it makes u started to ask urself question "Did i do it wrongly?"
it's memang not ur faulth but u tot it was..make u thinking that it was all ur faulth to make the one u love walk away from u..ahhh

how miserable ?

Enjoy the video =)
P/s: it was a view of mine after listening to my fren's bitter story=/

P/s: wanna rewatch transformer!!!=)

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