Thursday, September 03, 2009


It was Merdeka day, we had some discussion about where to go...
Mr casey suggested, lets go for hiking!! BROGA hill we went ;)

haha...i didn't sleep the night b4 coz i gotta wake up around 5++
so i rather don't case i can't wake up..haha
then..i reached my jeh plac around 6 20...then waited for POCKY!!
quite long we waited...:P
" must be bulat can't wake up in time..ahhahaha"

well..we started our journey after meeting up with Casey's cousin- Marcus..
ahha new fren..

reach semenyih around 845..then we just walk into the entrance n start walking up to the hill..

it was quite fun..and not tat we were just walking like walking up to a stair..
then slowly slowly, the higher i got there, the worse i feel.. was FREAKING high..when i look behind, i can see houses, farms, nottingham college...all appear to be REAL SMALL!!
lol..damn freaky..and i had nthing to hold on..just walk n hike..

there were so many ppl..crowded!

we keep walking walking walking..till i forgot the height

when i look's somhow very high..=/
i think i got the
damn scare to walk further.

Very nice view right??..

When we reached the 2nd hill..
we were all tired..but still manage to take pic!

Then ere's a sze tzu..hehe
adorable MAX too xD

It just sit still when the camera is facing him..
damn smart..

the peak..

can see this aeroplane..ahhaa

jeh n i..xD

was with rocky stick =D

Everybody but missing ESTEE!!

haha..ere she is!

haha..the lovely couple ;)

us ;)

came down n took pic with msia flag =d


YAY..i did it..half way..Lol

Me sayang MAx..;)

Reached the peak, all KO

the girls..;)

View from the peak...

nice ??

the cliff..=C

Jeh..Bulat n me!!

Bodos family again..haha

coming down d..time to leave..

end of the hiking journey..
all feeling WOW

Haha..smelly foot

my first time seeing getah..

Finally...caption for all the pics...
haha..still got more one..but i'm lazee xD

hee..after hiking, went BBQ chicken for lunch..haha

It was a fun journey..we talked lotsa craps and indeed it's good for health =)
the wind was just awesome ;)


Sunday, August 30, 2009

A day to show my tear!

You should be wondering WHAT SO BIG DEAL to make H.X CRY!! Lol..It's actually nothing much to cry about but after coming out from that hall, i just feel like SOBBING!
It was actually my last day for my Foundation, I managed to take pictures and chat with some of my classmates, only some..
not all
Some are going to other colleges, some are leaving n back to hometown.. that's mean it is like FREAKING HARD to meet them in the future..=/ well..very sad though...
tat was not enough to make my tears come out..

the thing which make me wanna cry and needed someone's shoulder was

BCOZ of the ENGLISH paper,
coming out from the exam hall after my shitty answers on my last paper for subject English study skill.

Really hard, and i had no idea what was in my mind...
and my essay can say so is da worst that I've ever done one.

Can you imagine how sucky i did my paper???
No idea?...
but i just feeling very upset coz i didn't manage to do it well..and my distinction is gonna sweep his ass and say BYe to me =(

Agghh...sob sob..
but didn't cry lar...just that it was a bad day though with all those JAM while i was on da way home..

Phew...and thanks Caroline n Wei ee to yum cha with me..=)

we really had fun tat night, so many lil crazee things we talked about...
we looked more like SIAO ZHA POR at murni tat night..hee

TOdae, after work, gotta sit my bro's BabyVios...
HMmm...very nice with the NEW CAR SMELL..ahhaha
Okay lar..wanna stop here..=)

The white bui bui is always acting cool.
Kwang is always acting LaME.
Ash is always acting SARCASTIC!
ANd I don't acT:P
Mid- Sharon, the cutest and eldest ;)
Right- Emily, the Funny and kind xD

Sitting around the stair waiting for the exam to start=/

Mmm...Gonna go for my dgree in mid of Sept..;)
That's mean...
I'm Growing UP!!!! xD


hee..I will miss u all, take care my frens ;)

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