Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday nite xD

I feel good~...
watching ntv7 and it does make me feel good on friday nite...

a lil update about myself..
recently, I've been quite freee even though my coll has started but the class only last for 3 hrs every, I'm rather free after all...
however, Assignments never failed to bother my peaceful days...gotta work hard and wanna score high in order to get distinction..then only can get scholarship to proceed my Dgree ..=)

The chance might be slim, but just wanna give it a try..*wink*

As I'm free, I've cooked myself n my mum lunch!!
It was my recipe for that noodles..;)
take a look...hehe
mum n sis said it was delicious...xD

just to help my fren to pass this msg around..
he has rented a house and one room is empty, so he's looking for SOMEONE
to rent it..=)
detail of the room...
Location: Taman megah, opposite Secret Recipe..
Nearby: Tmn bahagia Lrt station
Rental: RM 380...utility bill included. Wifi and washing machine provided.
Size of the room: Medium..

If you're interested, can drop a comment or msn me for more


And also..due to Amelia and Tim's influence, I've fall for KATIE from Horton hears a who.
she's amazingly adorable!!

here's da link.


Since i've some pics here, don't wanna waste it by storing it into my folder...hee
so i wanna let them show face show face here..=D

Food from Restaurant Peranakkan.

My Fav-Petai Prawn Sambal.


Forgot the name..but really 2 thumbs up..


Sago + Gula melaka..
it reminds me of kitt's mum sago dessert ;)

Uncle Amos and Sylvia jeh.

Me and jeh..=)

p/s: Thanks jeh for being there for me when I'm down.
will remember your advise....=)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


When was the last time ur heart beated fast n u just dunno wat u were doing at that moment?

that experience happened when i see him,
don't know why, my heart just have to beat so fast and when i talk to him, i would wanna try to impress him, trying to tell him that I'm good even if he's not there by my side anymore...

it's a bad experience, act as if u're very strong in front of someone that u used to be closed with or someone that u used to be in love with...
all of sudden, when that person appear in front of u, u would lost ur mind, don't know how to react...
try to act normal but the heart just has to beat so fast till u could feel the stress meeting that person.

it all happened, mayb it's that u still care bout that person, really mind that how he/she thinks about u after so long...
mind that if that person would still notice ur small lil action while u're talking..
still keeping some hopes that the person would come back to u..
coz in ur heart, they are there already...don't have the strength to wipe them off..

however, still don't dare to reveal ur thinking, don't dare to express to that person coz afraid to get rejected in the end...
being so scared to do anything...where's the gut??

Losing it as time goes by, really afraid to get hurt...
afraid that the person would have a diff tot about u after u've expressed...
afraid that the person would not be close with u anymore coz of ur unexpected actions...

so many things to be concerned, so many decisions to make..
yet still so afraid to even make one...
scare to reveal..scare that ppl won't accept u anymore...

there are so much of fears in our livings...
the worst fear is to be afraid of being loved.


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