Friday, May 20, 2011

work and fun.

it's a rainy day at last, been a few days of hotness around us with the dusty haze.

is working that scary and terrible?
nex month im gonna start my very first job in the office which require me to wake up super early around 7? and go back home during the evening...

come to think of it, it's scaring me as i'm so used to waking up late and doing everything later than 9 in the morning...i just afraid that i can't adapt to it like most of my fren did.

they keep telling me that when u start working, u can forget about having a life!
gosh...they meant goin out and having fun till late night like what a college students usually do..
that's why most working adults are missing the days back in college.

I'm just so don't feel lik having my life just 8-5 and 8-5 everyday....kinda routine and very dull!!

so..I'm very reluctant to start working in the office or start off a proper job that require waking up early and feeling exhausted the whole day n go home in the everning. once u're home, u just lie on bed and get half paralyze till the nex day and u bust with ur routine again....

According to what my frens said, they hardly find time to chill @ night and rarely have time to
do fun things anymore.. when u're out at night..all u're thinking about is goin home to sleep coz u
gotta wake up early tml for the same damn routine..

Basically, I don't see any fun in it unless i love my job..i hope i do by nex month...i hope i do find my passion in there and make it my motivation...
at least, i won't be so boring and experience mentally tiredness which is quite frustrating...

Do prove me wrong!!!!!

I need someone to tell me that, working in the office is not that bad...and u could have fun from there along with ur colleagues and all...
Gosh..i hope i could!!!

To me, life is about adventuring and learning from experience...i do hope it is an interesting one and not some routine and dull lifestyle which will literally kill me?

I wanna appreciate life with my own passion and not to appreciate it as people told me so...

I'm still in the mid of searching for the meaning of it actually...when i do, i guess i can be happier or i shud say i can be more motivated?'s not that im not happy now, it's just lacking of something now....
and i believe everyone has their very own perspective of life and what's meaningful for them.
somehow, listening to the experienced one doesn't mean that you will end up the same.

You just gotta dig it and dig again...till you get the answer of all...
as time goes by, I'm now an adult like finally?...I guess it would be the time for me to realize many things which indirectly assist me to find my own path.

Hope I will make a difference eventually....wish me luck people!! (:

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