Saturday, December 27, 2008

X'mas eve with my girls

Listening to it's raining man by Aretha franklin

MErry X'mas!!!

yeah..its x'mas again!!
we just so happie to see this special day to come, everyone loves it..isn't it?

so i planned to meet my girls on x'mas eve..
as u know..i've alway been missing them like forever coz i hardly meet up with them though =/
so long nvr see them, i really do realize how awesome are my GFs...

Guess wat we did??

all we did was SHOPPING n YUM CHA!!
very typical outing..lool
kitt picked chingz,Jared(mr tumpang:P) and i from K.J station then we headed to Ou
to shop!!!
then we headed to NZX to find cealy...but kitt didn't join, she just droped us there=)
how nice was she =X
then waited for caely to finish her shift at restaurant "100 degreee celcius",
chingz and i went to kopitiam's 2nd floor to have our drinks..!!
i like the view from there...windy and cool!!

i really like the design of NZX lar...the sad thing is, it's kinda far and located at a rejected area..=/
cause there's only a tunnel to go thru there..
it was damn jam over there..
plus theres this Disney lanterns Exhibition, so it was worse...

Waited for ccaely till
chingz and i had lot of "woman" talks..haha
its like ages since i have such yum cha..>.<
yeah..all i have is Pictures=)
Before meeting up with chingz and kitt..
I was with my jeh at A&W.. so long didnt see u =/

My darling jeh=)

caely and hoo were there
also =]

Shopping at Ou=)

kitt was the one who keep screaming
for FOOD!!..xD

Yum cha at NZX till 3a.m xD

*while waiting for Caely

Too crowded!!
i like the deco though=)

ppl infront of full hse!


haha..da clumsy gal is working!!
p/s: the guy..really tak boleh>.<

* yum cha at station one and mamak=D

her lame stories again!

we were rather sillyxD

the scary mamak as
the background =/

Hee..we really did take lotsa pictures =]

my x'mas night and boxing day's posts are on da way!!

P/s: hate Fb for failing my uploads!!


Will it be that simply?

Somehow, you just have to miss someone u used to love even if u alrdy found a new lover..

Is it just as simple as the word "miss"?


he/she is still that important to u?

i know i know
thing like this, is damn freaking silly to ask or mention
but it just came to my mind while i was uploading my picturess..LOOL

feel free to voice out at teaseer's space then xD


Pictures are on the way here...its gonna be something
about X'mas =)

Gotta post all up b4 New Year knock my door!!
*wink wink*


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My crazee Babe.

santa can u hear me?
I've been so good this year!!

Currently listening to Jesse MCcartney's Freaky.

wanna scold my college management badly!!
freaking stupid..
if there is no teaching for this month, dont farking ask us to be backed to coll la..
so I'm absolutely free for this month, nothing is up
and everything is down..lool

lol..i was on da phone

I just couldn't stand to stay at home so i went to coll..
well, coll is boring though..
i just skipped the 2nd class as well..=D
stupid class..
and i always go movie after classes!!

i need something to fill the emptiness that coll has given me..>.<
First..i really have bad luck in getting good acc teacher/lecturer..
Acc lecturers are just so annoying!! thats why lar, my acc is always dat lousy=/
went lunch with my babe, Esha on thurs, couldn't bare with the boredom so i escaped!!
it was a great escape though!!
had damn lot fun with my gf.. i
missed da moments when i'm with my gfs lar!!!
i miss hanging around with kitt
i miss jalan jalan with caely!! haha..
i don't wanna be gfless>.<

esha is my new great gf ...
same class, same thinking, same chracter..
we just basically the most noisy in class..hee

Just called her up for lunch after my fcking boring morning class-Acc
headed to Ou..and i was so desperate for pasta that day..;)
walked around Ou..and we just got caught by this Mac exhibition thingy!!
they offer us free shot and free photo and make over...
so we went as we always do it in coll...lool
after the make over...we were so excited like lil girl,
bcoz our make up was so freaking THICK!!
lool..stupid foundation just all over our face..
but it look good lar..cant deny it..=]

i acted silly coz the potographer asked to =x

i prefer her makeup =]

after so..
we went around for pasta=)
and we ended up eating at "Hakakakaya"
haha..the name makes us laugh like shit..=x
its a restaurant just bside the pool for ppl to learn diving.
i ate few times there d...u can get various food there=)
Asian + Western = Awesome


pose with my pic..

then we went shopping like normal girl lor..
babe was looking for her skin care products..
she was wondering which brand to go for..
estee lauder or benefit?

babe left the sample with me>.<

then we went to MPH to look for books..
SELF-HELP's books..haha
i was kinda upset thats y i went for those books lar...

went Zara afterward..
The heelS there..caught my eyes man..AHHH
i wish i could own a pair of that..=)
then we tried on few tube dress...kinda cute ;)

iLOvE it lar!


Hee...X'mas is so so so NEAR!!
just wanna say " Merry x'mas everyone"
and Santa is gonna find me at night
cause i know i've been quite good this year ;)

P/s:Santa, pls drop me a headset=)
Or or..
the heel i mentioned ;)

and i miss my gfs>.<

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