Friday, June 18, 2010

taking things for granted?

Currently listening to - leng kah zhun's sam gor zi

Phew...just feel like logging in and type something here...
this week has been a week with lot of yum cha, sheesha and could be more fun
with all these but I'm getting tired...

My schedule is really consistent with work-yumcha-shisha-night time football match..
everday sleeping @ 5 and waking up ard 11 then go for work...
it's quite tiring but i indeed like such life style..hehe

however, i need a break though..and till something very upsetting happen...
somehow, i realize ppl always take things for granted, and trying to avoid some responsibilities
or things related to MONEY!
once it comes to money, everything can be wiped off...
why?...if u're suppose to pay for that particular thing why can't u just pay and not until
people keep asking for it..
and then making that person like a fool chasing money from u..and then
u start saying " why so kan cheong?...not like i owe u thousand and i din say i dun wanna pay"
the point is, if u've got da heart to pay and if u have the heart of not owing ppl, u wont even
drag the payment.

Its sucky to be acreditor. Keep chasing for payment ain't fun especially those people
are people that u're quite close with...

Aiks..tired tired tired~
once..again i feeling strengthless..=/
nite peep!!

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