Friday, March 16, 2007

fri...lotsa ppl went out todae yea...coz saw lot of tmn sea ppl....
at first kitt,joe n me planned to watch 1U Gsc
but too bad dat we r too young fer we watched primeval as our second option..hehe
its nice...coz dominic acted in dat movie n it will tense u up...xD


dats steven...but he died in da end..><

running away from da huge croc..>.<

searching fer it wif fear..=)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Senior Camp 2007

hehe..I'm back to blog...yeah..hehe..*syok sendiri*..dis post is gonna talk about senior camp..well..through this camp, I've gone through many obstacles..and i realised that we shouldn't have organise an activity on the same date as other uniform bodies or clubs..that will cost u whole lot of i seriously feel bad about it..if i ever thought of that will be like a fear to me..shoot..but that's a good experience too..hehe..k, like what huixian said..the camp was kinda leisure camp..and is..but there's some times which i find it interesting too..haha..especially during cultural night..but sad thing is that now only i realised that i actually did not take any picture during cultural night..sighs..

okay, now i shall starts with the earliest picture taken..

hehe..that's Vincent Tan..thx a lot yeah..and aso to huixian..thx..that was b4 the camp starts..
Registration time..xian seem serious huh..Flag that KahHoo??fifth from right..y is he bending his body???he noes i taking pic??and the girl next to him lifting her hand up for??lolhaha..that's Julian..can c his name tag???lol..too bad only half face..nah..c..i really dare to snap picture during flag break.. =]c ah lian such a good helper..i agree with xian.. =P
that's sir fung lecture..c his pose..ballerina. lolseems so serious..what's with my eyes?dunno what to describe..wengtat took 1..haha..supper time...but me n xian din touch any at and kah hoo..we both looks weird right??hahahchun..wat face is that??hhahahhmodelling for hourglass tower..still in process.done..but miss out the platform..Second day...abseiling..that's tan weng tat..sir fung chuan in action..damn pro.haha..ah lian..yong ming in action!!lolthat's wee kiat.
us posing b4 goin down..hahachuntatt's so wide..low hui xian..hhahahme.this is sarah..she said..that's her biggest achievement
1 of those fire..our i noe..we're the only patrol that sek dak bao bao..hhaha..others..i dunno..ah chun..look at his yam(in conto)..lolxian edited it..haha..wat do u think of the pic??looks like??lol

is he fishing??hahababoon looks so serious..our man..hahah..that's us..issit??cultural night fire..

okay, that's all for this post..used up few hrs for this..just to upload

abseiling session

orh...back to normal after da camp..haha not dat bz anymor.."P
da camp was lik a leisure camp actually but its kinda bored...coz most of them FFK..quite potong fer da first day...><
erm..i juz got some pics from kitt....most of the pics r bout tis fellar n dat
i think ony kitt n i noe who r them..=)
lets take a look....xD

sir fung chuan:
discussing or chit-chatting?...

giving lecture..

can u c my helper...ah lian is counting money..=)


chee kong..da APL..

chun tatt...da blur wan...actually he can b sarcastic

my face?...wat happen..ahah..whose shacky hand?

hus she calling??..=P

ah drink..

haha...hoo...weng n da hantu behind is ah lian..

dun act cool...da hak yan zhang wan...xD

due to da prob of uploading...i gotta stop ere first...wait ya..=)

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