Monday, August 02, 2010


It has been quite some time since i last emo and being stone at home..
today is kinda the day as daddy mummy alrdy start complaining about me going out
too often and always got home late.

Recently, there are things that happened and it become very bad i can say..
somehow, people just need to take a break from what they are used to do...
a break could tell whether the thing that u're doing is really that ideal or correct..
if it could help to analyse what's the purpose of it...then we will have to continue and seek
for a better way to do everything...

P/s: I'm just talking what i feel like typing, if those do not link..pls don't get confused :D

There are many things in life that we need to make changes, for example as we grow older, we have to change our mindset and have to think for others before u could think for urself..
It's about choose to be mature or just ignore the fact that we have to grow up..
Do you really wanna get more mature?

Lets see....
when we were 2 yr old, we can cry for whatever we wanted, we can just scream or cry when we feel like that age, do we need to think if the way we express would affect our parents? Answer is nop..we don't even know how to think for the others at that time...

when we were 13 yr old, if we ever have a fight in sch, our parents would be very angry and mad of what we have done..but somehow parents just being so nice to always protect us and stand to defense for us..we felt so happy that our parents were there for us..but did we think about
how they actually felt?...they defense for us out of love..

when we reached the age of 15...
we finally know what's love at first sight and somehow puppy love take place...we can felt so in love and ignore some people around us...especially parentS?

When we finally graduated...
we go to college and seek for our new life there...time to spend with parents become lesser and
eventually we spent more time with our friends...
at this time, we're more tolerant, we're more mature in terms of dealing with people around..
we learn a lot when comes to it's wat everybody does.
we know how to take care of some other people feeling and become very careful when comes to
dealing with people..
from there, we become stress and we can't do whatever we want anymore..
we can't just cry for what we want.." like small kid crying for candy"
we can't be mad at somebody because we don't like the way they handle things..
we can't be mad at people that don't like us..
we can't just get emotional when people do not agree with us..
there come so many CAN'T in our life since the day we have to be in people shoes..
we gotta be considerate and not just do whatever we think it's totally right..
Here comes LIFE!
When people ask..what's life..we say it's tough...

It's tough that we have to live life as a whole and not just life within ourself...
We grow older, we have to be more generous..
generous as in...we have to not only think for ourself but also ppl around us..
sometimes, it may seem that urself is the only one suffer from the situation but we always neglect there's actually someone else who suffer together or even more from what we actually

do u realize that??

I think people do realize that but not many of us have the courage to change it..=/

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