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Fear is a very ancient and universal emotion in man. It can be defined as the sensation that you are in danger, that something bad is about to happen. Fear is almost always accompanied by a host of physical symptoms which are quite disturbing. When it is not justified by the presence of real danger or threat, or by any rational cause, and when it is also accompanied by a systematic avoidance of the situations which lead to it, then we have what is called a phobia.Phobia is actually a kind of panic reaction caused by specific stimuli or situations.
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As we all know that everyone does fear of something. I do admit i suffered Coulrophobia. To those who doesn't know what it means, is actually fear of clowns. This happened since young and I really fear of clowns.
Don't they looks scary?? It's much scarier compared to ghost, seriously. Whenever there's a clown come towards me, I'll run away..LoooL..but now I guess I'm okay with in much better compared to last time. But still..Err...I won't feel good when there's a presence of clowns.
Well, I had this sudden urge today to find out more on PHOBIA today, as I'm at the site, I ter-click on G-letter Phobia, guess what's the G-letter phobia I found out??LoooL..It's actually Genophobia which means fear of sex.. =P..anyway, when i click on other shown Androphobia which is fear of MEN..most surprisingly is that they actually put BRAT PITT's photo. Arghhhh...means fear of Brat Pitt??LoooL..And this is the one ....

Owhh...he's good looking right? Actually I really wondered why some people suffered this symptom, isn't that weird??and they actually fear of their father too????that's pretty weird right??same goes to fear of's called as Gynephobia or Gynophobia.

Some people do suffer the fear of blood (Hemophobia, Hemaphobia or Hematophob⁩a). But for females, don't they fear of seeing their own menstruation? By the way, is called Menophobia. In real life situation, there's a friend of ine actually had this Hemophobia and when I†asked her about how she go through the menstual phase, she told me that she's ok with it. Only when she sees blood from other parts, she might suffer numb on her body or faint. Isn't it sad? But luckily Hemophobia and Menophobia is different thing. So another wonder by me solved. Haha..

Okay, this is for Thye deedee..Haha..

PELADOPHOBIA: Fear of bald people.
hEE..yeah i know..Not you the one who fear of bald people..Just to tell you that there are people who afraid of balds..Hahahahhah.

To those who interested to know the Top 10 fear, you can go to this site.

and this is the number ONE and TOP fear for people. Is actually....................

Fear of spiders...LooL..people actually afraid of spider more than death..True story. I wonder why don't people afraid of spiderman..yes i know..I asking a lame question. But I won't mind to have an answer. Heee!


Whoever suffers phobia feels an enormous fear every time he or she encounters (or even imagines...) the original phobic stimuli which unleash the panic attack. At least four of the following symptoms are usually observed:


heart fluttering (palpitation),

chest pain or pressure,

a sensation of suffocation or drowning,

dizziness and vertigo,

a sensation of detachment from reality ("air head"),

tingling sensations in several parts of the body,

heat or cold waves,

sweating,dry mouth,

a sensation of fainting,

trembling or shaking,

a fear of dying or becoming mad, or losing control.

What largely differentiates a person with phobia from one with simple, "normal" fear, is that the patients start to avoid at any cost the places, situations and objects wich unleash the panic attacks, thus changing completely their life routine and even profession.

It's a little late now. I have to stop. For more information you can go to the site above. *yawn*...


Friday, October 12, 2007

plastic surgery not goin to do that tag teng..its bit long and it takes time....=)
so im goin to post abt tis...PLASTIC SURGERY

most celebrties do breast implant or breast augmentation to increase their fame and make themselves look awesome or confident..
in hollywood, almost all of the female celebrities had experienced breast implant even though they did not admit it...but we can observe it from what we always type in google search bar.."celebrities before and after"...

and tis entry is full of pictures...have fun observing..

first...take a look with the ugly boobs...eww

victoria beckham..shes porpular in breast implant...
c it urself...haha

her drunk and not noticing she was showing everyone at P....shes in da top 10 of ugliest boobs.

eww...really gross

one up one down?? its sagging

pamela anderson's nipple...*barf*.


lol..ugliest looks dam fake.

Last but not least..

the old slut..

i tot her boobs were real..

*i was wrong*...hehe


time to end the ugly boobs..

here comes the nice boobs...*fake and nice*...=P

not bad right?

carmen electra..

TO know more??


by da way...

i think a nice ass is more attractive than boobs...hee

coz here is a pic

its awfully sexy...



Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Got tagged by Suet Teng..
Here it is.....................

Last person whom.
1.Slept in your bed besides you?
My brother.
2.Saw you cry?
the reflection of myself on the plane mirror =P
3.Went movies with you?
4.You went to the mall with?
Er...When was my last time? Hee!
5.You went to dinner with?
My family of course.
6.You talked on the phone?
My Granddaddy..=P
7.Said "I love you" and really meant it?
My brother?LoooL!
8.Broke your heart?
Well, I used to it already.
9.Made you laugh?

Would you rather.
1.Pierce your nose or tongue?
Neither. I wouldn't spoil my skin for nuts. Except my ears..Hee!
2.Be serious or funny?
Both. Depends on the situation.
3.Drink whole or skim milk?
4.Die in fire or drown?
neither. Why not jump down from high building? You may get to experience flying in the air before you died..LooL
5.Spend time with you parents or enemies?
What kind of Question is this??

Are you
1.Simple or complicated?
I prefer simple. =]
Yes. Like what SuetTeng said. If it meant Happy..
Everyone said that. And I agreed..

Do You Prefer
1.Flowers or candy?
I prefer money. =P
2.Gray or black?
3.Colour or black and white photos?
Colours lah duh..KhyLi taught me black and white photos PANTANG okay!! =P
4.Lust or love?
5.Sunrise or sunset?
Sunrise makes me feels good. Sunset makes me feel Peace.
6.M&Ms or skittles?
7.Pizza or burger?
Pizza. Burger is HuiXian's one. =]
8.Staying up late or waking up early?
Staying up late..I think.
9.Sun or moon?
Moon. But it's useless. Sun got more advantages..Hee..
10.Winter or fall?
11.Having 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends?
Can I choose 1 best friend?
12.Left or right?
I think left. Im a lefty okay..
13.Sun or rain?
Rain. HuiXian knows why. =]
14.Vanilla ice-cream or chocolate ice-cream?
Vanilla ice-cream only when it's McD's. Other brands will be Chocolate.
15.Vodka or jack?

Answer truthfully
1.Do you like anyone now?
Is that a matter?
2.Does the person know about it?
Even if that's a matter, that's up to him whether he wants to know.

About you
1.What time is it?
Wan Kitt Lei
This year onwards..Erm..Ket Lei, Ah Ket, Ah Lei, Kitt, Lei Lei...
4.What's your birth date?
5.Where were u born?
Petaling Jaya.
6.What do you want?
I want to know about my future life path.
7.Where you want to live?
My house la duh..
8.How many kids do you want?
Kids are annoying but I like them. Hee..Er..2-3 I guess?
9.What would you name a girl?
10.What would you name a boy?
11.Do you want to get married?

1.Nervous habits?
My hands will turns shaky. =P
2.Are you double jointed?
3.Can you roll your tongue?
4.Can you raise one eyebrow?
Can. Of course.
5.Can you cross your eye?

1.Do you twirl your spaghetti?
2.Have you ever eaten Spam?
I wouldn't know..maybe I've tried before when i was a baby. Heee.
3.Favourite ice-cream?
Loads of it. McD's Sundae Cone is one of it. =P
4.How many kids cereal are in your cabinet?
One i guess?
5.What is your favourite beverage?
6.Do you cook?

In the last month had you have (yes/no)
1.Had a BF or GF?
2.Bought something you don't need?
3.Sang infront of people?
4.Been kissed?
My brother and mum?haha
5.Been hugged?
6.Felt stupid?
7.Missed someone?
Well..I think yes.
8.Got drunk?
9.Got high?
10.Danced crazy?
11.Gotten your haircut?
It was this Monday...Haha.

I shall tag those who blogs and the inactive ones!..haha =P
1. YenBoon
2. MingXiang
3. JanMing
4. LeeJen
5. Amanda
6. EeLing
7. YuehXuan
8. LiChing

Done. Really long tag..


Sunday, October 07, 2007

heels vs flip-flop

high-heeled shoe is common in many shapes such as stiletto, block, tapered, blade, and wedge.
These shapes make the trend in todae's fashion world. one will probably look much confident as compared to one who is wearing a flat sandal...and thats da reason why high heels has become lady's favourite...yeah so do i lik heels..haha
b4 wearing it out to a shopping mall...
don't forget to learn the way to walk with heels confidently...=D

and ere is some awesome heels that might make me a princess..hee


simple and elegant


her sexxie


shes shining

what about flip-flop??
"let's go for a beach walk"

haha, dats how i describe flip-flop...they are simply cute..=D

yawn...mum ask me to sleep earlier..nitez


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