Monday, February 16, 2009


From Tim..
Blue rose for me.
tulip for melia..=D
Thanks thanks xD
It was a pretty fine day for just everyone or every couple,
a fcking day that the merchant earns the most,
a silly day that bf spend willingly on their gfs,
a romantic day that almost every couple has got flower on their hand,
a busy day that makes every mall crowded with orang bumi,
a day that cinema/restaurant earn the most money,
and lastly,
it was also a day to hang out with my darlings =D
Boo ya!!
So on this So called Very Special day,
i went to melia's hse to just have some girl tok..
then tim tim came n picked us up to A.C
siapa tak suka A.C???? It''s a nice place to hang.
lool..we were like so POOL the whole day,
spend 2 hrs plus there playing pool
b4 having our Dinner there..=)
yum yum~
Asia CAfe ppl!
this is how we avoided the jam ma..! smart ppl here =D
So went to Ou..n shop for a WwWwhillEee!!
Bought a simple top from Kitshen..=)
pretty cool the place..we love officially??
yeah..i think so!
This Blardy dress..
costing !99 bucks..hahaa
hee..Tim was there sitting n waiting..
poor tim..sorry ya!!..=/
THen back to Pool..ahha 
U-bowl table really cannot!!...lool
then movie time!!
ouch....boring!! like i've been to a history lesson...haha
AFter movie..we were backed to pool again..
then headed to Curve..For NTHNG!!!
Lol..we did something uber-silly there..
lool..she wanted me to be her pet!!!..
haha..Tim was stunned there..
I snapped melia..
She snapped me!!
Lol..banggang betul.
went into S like..WTV..=.=
nvm lar..we left after few mins in there, went there for somebody..hMmmpH!!
then then..wanted to go for supper =/
Melia's pro intuition esacaped us from Road Block!!
We both love this Picc=) lens make me see things so blurly..=/
have to take a nap d..hee
ciao peep..
Class canceled todae!!..
BOO it!!
P/s: The book " he's not that into you" is really awesome!! * 2 thumbs up*
xoxo =)

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