Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm gonna stop working as a sales girl d, soon i will be as normal as u guys..=P
I think i Won't fong u guys fei kei anymore..hehehe
i feel so happie juz to think about it, lol..I'm crazy..ignore me!!

These days, as u guys know that I'm been so crazy over Euro 2008 since few weeks ago, i barely sleep and i look like a zombie now...
My BIG eye bags and dark circles make me look much older than my age, oh hell ppl tot I'm 23 now, can u believe it?....I look 5 years older than my age and guess its like same age as my eldest bro...feel so sad now, is anyone out there could offer me some tips to make me look healthier and younger ?...i would love u =]

Other than football fever, I'm so into a few series...
"SEX and Da City"....this series is awesome i can tell...too many sex scene,lol...dats nice =P
OOoops, Don't ever think dat im horny, im juz telling something interesting about the series....

sarah jessica parker is kinda cute..

Another series is " A journey called life", it is a hk series...very touching and meaningful =)
thx kitt for introducing...=P

Alright...i have copied down some jokes from my reader digest magazine...hee
Time to Laugh my frens...=D

New arrivals in heaven are comparing stories on how they died.
First woman:" I froze to death."
Second woman:" I had a heart attack. i suspected my husband was cheating, so i came home early to catch him. I found him alone, but i was sure there was a woman there somewhere.
i ran all over the house looking, from the attice to he basement, in evry closet and evry underbed. Finally i keeled over, dead."
First woman:" Too bad you didn't look in the freezer, we'd both still be alive."

The nurse said to the doctor, " There's an invisible man in the waiting room."
The doctor replied:" Tell him i can't c him now."

In Israel to covert the fighting, a young reporter decided to look for a human interest story.
In Jerusalem, "he heard about an old man who had been goin to the Wailing Wall to pray, Twice a day, everyday for a long, long time.
so she went to the Wailing Wall and there he was !
"Sir", she asked, " How long have you been to the Wailing Wall and praying?"
"For 50 years"
"What do you pray for?"
"For peace btw the Jews & Arabs. For children to grow up in safety and frenship."
"How do u feel after 50 years?"

Pls comment on these jokes, the blog's chatter box is so so so so so so quiet...>.<


Todae is my daddy bday...i would like to wish him here even though he won't visit this blog..hehehe


End of the entry...ciao ciao~~

Lots of love,

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