Sunday, April 29, 2007


on fri..
went to kitt's hse to hav my lunch as my tuition time was long mor to go...
it was my turn to cook for her...haha...but it turned out great as she comment..
i think i shall cook for my mum nex time...=P
somthng irksome happened after my great lunch....tis is how da story goes..
kitt accompanied me to bus stop and i estimated da time according to it's schedule..
i tot so i wont be late to tuition...but bad thng happened..
da silly bus driver took his time at da station there dunno do wat and caused us to wait for an hr under the rain...
i missed my tuition.. and of coz i was freaking angry towards their service..
our parent pay tax for tis kind of service...woah...shame on them..

wat can i do at dat time?....walked back to kitt hse...
her dad was looking at me wif da questioning eye-sight...=.="
we eat again after we reached home...=)
as da exam is near...we studied...
tis is wat we dislike da most..."P
and of coz we did hav fun studying..=)
but kitt always hav da prob of falling asleep when she tries to study...
haha..i got to capture her sleepie face...


only stupid thng can make us relax....

a hong kong version of beauty and the beast...(watch it if u understand canto=))


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