Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday morning..

it was indeed a great morning, kitt came to my hse and we went to sp together and meet up with ah hoo, ah ching and amanda...
As usual, brats like us do not have much thing to do in a damn mall, so we headed to "restaurant YIP" for our breakfast/brunch....Food there aren't dat bad, just like other taiwan style restaurant...hee
As u know kitt has juz turned to a camwhore genius, she started the camwhore session...hee
Indeed, we took quite a number of pictures...

After dat, we were backed to the lousy TGv for Iron Man, kitt insisted of watching it...
Iron man is much chunted compared to transformer...
but the movie doesnt show any kissing scene, quite dissapointing though...=X

Its time for pics...=]

her ong lai chao fan...AH Ching

Amanda ANd ah Hoo
Laughing at kitt i guess..=P

i know u love me kitt...>.<
kitt and chingy
me and chingy
Amanda and kitt..
Stop acting cool, kah hoo..=P
told u not to act cool...><
Lol...we can actually took so many pics in an outing, not bad though...=/
with love,

Monday, May 26, 2008

After months of working hard in that damn mall " Sunway Pyramid", i have finally got myself a chance to go for a trip, a trip to sleep as much as i could. Sadly, it wasn't that pleasant as i didn't get enough sleep and also my sweet dreams..Well, Khy said i got sam seh...indeed i did bring my sam seh along to the trip, so i guess that is the supposed reason for my uncertain mood during the

Luckily, my laptop was there to cheer me up...hee
Told ya, i'm lifeless...
Till now, my problem is still not solved, i wonder what is goin wrong, im weird and been so emo these days especially at night...It SUCKS!!!
Alright, just get back to my trip..hee
Theres nothing much to tok about, so i just let pics to do the talking..=)
That is the Bukit.
Can't resist it..she is juz too adorable.
Yah..i juz taught her how to camwhore.
At night- France village.
hehe...somehow we can be emo with such beautiful view.
Making a wish..=)
My uncle and my cousin.
My mum and I.
I'M Gorgeous~
Before we leave the super small apartment....
the girls.
She requested another camwhore skill..=P
When I'm holding the camera, i capture beautiful views.

the bridge.

the place where i find it romantic.

I think thaats enough for a post..hehe

It is time to rest...ciaoo

With lovee,


Sunday, May 25, 2008

1st week. College.

Addicted to Heroes now...Hohohohooho.... *HuiXian, is a must to watch laaa....* .
Anyway, it's been quite some time since I blog about my Education life. As usual, 1st day of unfamiliar place makes u feel uneasy. Especially when you're the only one from your previous school. I mean for my intake lah. Well, not exactly. There's a form 6 prefect who used to confiscate me and my classmates' liquid paper in the same intake and course as me. Whaahahahahaha. *sweatenifying*

As we all know, first week is always orientation week. We have to spend hours sticking your ass to the sitting or running around to know each other. Why lah like that? Actually not a bad thing either. HAHA. Guess what? My first college guy friend is from China! Nice, cute, tall, everything lah....And he does not have the ChinaAhPek look .. *No offence KhyLi* . =d

Yesterday, went to APIIT Smart School for the sports carnival. They've made the attendance compulsory for all the pre-U students. That's why lah.*The carnival. The Non-Sport section*

Hehe..My first time seeing them not in formal. As my college has a dress code. Formal as in working style. =(

But is cool that you hardly spot a LALA or Gothic kids around the campus.

*Bungee Run*

It's quite cool to watch your senior playing around like a kid. HAHA. Eventually you'll join in the fun too!

*Balloon Darting.*

I played this game. HAHA and managed to break the highest balloon score. =) I'm pretty good at this. MUAHAHAAH. ss betul. 2 out of 3 darts managed to pop the balloon.

Well, being a supportive student there, I participated the Dodgeball. =\ Hey. I'm serious. Hehe. actually is a MUST to join in order to take your attendance.. Girls vs Girls lah duhhh...and my team won! =P

After all, the sports carnival wasn't that bad like what I thought. But I left earlier and didn't stay up for the closing ceremony. Seriously I would rather sleep at home. xD



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