Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nightmare devil!

If only if freedom could be borrowed...
If my parents aren't that old age thinking, i think my freedom is just as loose as snapping my fingers.

Well, things don't go that way it's difficult for me to do whatever i really wanna do..
Because of that, i somehow have to lie to them which i really lousy at..
Lying is just not my type of thing coz truth is kinda easy to reveal if i talk to them when i feel like sharing my stuffs..

It's right that my dad is being such strict to my curfew and i can understand why he did that but
the way he questions me about why am i coming home so late and all is making me feel so frustrated.


Just let you know abit about my daddy,
he is someone whom tot that he knows young people very much as he been thru da worse i guess..
and he likes to everytime he questions me about my lifestyle thingy, he was kinda tipsy
which present the bad-tempered him!
When that happen, even the whole iceberg shifted to cool him down is not gonna work!
He's as ego as a one around him could change his mind..
this is why i can't take his way of handling children.

Siggh...i memang not stress about studies and work but the most stressful thing in my daily life is actually how to find excuses when he ask " why are u coming home later than me??, if you ever do it again..I'm gonna go up to whr u work and screw all ur frens...Don't u dare challenge me..I would do that if alcohol taken"

Ahh...tak stress ke??
i feel really dam stress...i balik rumah always around 1..yet he says I'm being ridiculous..
yeah true lar..for a girl, it's bad for me to come home late but i just can't accept the way he questions me..I'm worse than a prisoner?

These few days...I got few nightmares d...
first was about the shitty phone and another is about my crappy dad!!

Life is good but with these unnecessary stress, i tend to have worries...
Sighh..if only if i can borrow some freedoms from some people..

Blaaa blaaaa..I think I'm getting fatter though..hee
eat sleep sit~~


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