Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How do u sleep

These life has been so mmm..i can say busy..
once hols came to a start, i started to work and go here and there...

Bla bla bla...
I think its bcoz of working, i dreamt alot while i sleep and hardly have enough rest..=/
Yeah..working is really tiring...

its somehow stress and very annoying when u face stupid customers..

there are million kind of human being in the working, i think i've already came across with 30% of those rare ppl..Lool
dealing with them can be very throat complains most of the time..ehhee

it was very fun working with caely under the same booth for maxis..

we went break together for that past three days, it was rather not bored when there's caely!.

OVerall, working is cool and tiring...

i get money by facing those rare and weird customers..=D
N that's why...
i have weird dreams recently,
mayb i've done too much sins these days by cheating some ppl..Lool

i had a dream about the movie "
sniper" also..!! i was the target in the dream!!...GOSH!
p/s: nice story line-sniper

**************************************************************************** Hahhaa...
was out whole day on tues...
from nzx-IACT-ss2-One u-Murni-Ara D'"sara..

"commercial time"-Food in Caely's mum restaurant
is pretty delicious..=)

Ice tea freak!

met up with darling melia at

SS2 with 8tv crew

Now i present u my jeh's Honey girl-girl.
jeh's room is really tidy!

Ppl in Jetty.

haha...MAGGIE MEE!

the pic is telling how no tasty was da food.

KAKA~! was a tiring day..
must say thousand of thank you to James n Win han..xD

Monday, April 27, 2009



Hahahaa..Finally it has come to an end tat there will be no nid to work for Iphone-roadshow!!
Mmm...temporary, soon i would gonna be working at Curve...
how ever...i still cannot enjoy as much as caely could possibly do, coz i GOTTA go work At Klcc
tml!!...i think my agent won't be so nice to only ask me to replace for a day, it might be more~~

Aiks...have been a good worker as always..that's why=/

My working experiences do tell me about how's my future gonna be..Abit lar
it has proven that i'm really Suck at SALE!!
Fcking Poor my sale is...kinda upset bout it..
i think i have to find out wat's the thing tat i can do best or better..
my Talent is definitely not on doin sale!!..GOsh!!
why lar?????

Very emo right??..told ya, i would be post up emo entry during

i've decided wat im gonna further after my foundation yr..
i'm gonna take up finance+accounting!
no more marketing or bla bla bla...i think tat is a better choice based on my attitude and my ability..hehee
no longer choosing based on wat it seems on the surface.

Hmmm...i wanna ask whoever playing kitchen city..
pls trade something with me coz i really need TOMATO!!
PLS!! =)

i miss my laptop!!
Facing the Stupid Iphone + Fashion Show have made me so so so so exhausted!

Mmm...Legs pain la..=/


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