Monday, June 21, 2010

What makes me fever!!

Guess what?...
I think I'm totally addicted to football along with shisha!!
I've been constantly goin to SK and shisha..macam my daily schedule d!!

I tak tau what's going on with me but i just so regularly hang out @ SK! cup is totally making me so hyper @ night, i could just rush from work to mamak
and watch football with caely see!!
I even watch the 7:30pm match thru my colleague's iphone!..freaking addictive..=/

But sadly, this year matches didn't meet everyone's expectation..and those infamous teams
are leading!!
Oh's something to be cheer for as the cup doesn't always fall on those regular countries..
however, it makes lotsa people lost during gambling~~
I can say gambling for world up is goddam silly and annoying, it somehow condemn da spirit of

That's what i think but if u do win some money during world cup, it's good though..ahhaa
extra income ?

Also..since Edwin is leaving to Melbourne for studies, i get to meet him quite often in case
i got no chance after he left..=/
hehe...bcoz of that, Hookah house become my fav place of shisha-ing :)
the shisha indeed better than many places..:)

SK is just so so, i detest alsafa's, rasta can drive me dizzy...and hookah house's is dam baik!!

thanks edwin though~~

Makan makan with colleagues~~

Steam Siakap fish with lime @ Just thai

Its exp but I like it ..hee

yumm~~ FAV TOM YUM!!! makes me love it!

Hmm..that's all lar..
I shall tidor now :D


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