Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas at Jack's

Ho ho ho...x'mas has just passed and
new year is coming..yah...2010 is gonna knock everybody's door and say
HAPPIE 2010!!

Well..right before 2010 comes, i just wanna blog bout my pre x'mas dinner before
it's too late to be posted..=]

Been busy with MAXIS, so no time to actually think wat to blog..
paiseh yah..=/

since my family is not that western style and they dont bother about x'mas.
i just celebrated my x'mas with my bodo's family.. =)
thanks to my jeh, i know all of the bodo's members..ahhaa
i love u guys =)

Now i present you the Bodo's family member =)

My wonderful jeh and her sweet sweet love, Amos =)'s Mr Casey and his lovely girlfriend, Fish lady =D

Next is..
Rocky and his admirer, Marcus ( p/s: Marcus has just dumped rocky coz he has a gf now =P )

Last but not least... My darling Estee and myself=)

We had our dinner at Jack's charbroil and the food there are real good..
their oxtail soup is really SEDAP and the sea food chowder is making my two thumbs up when i took the first sip..hee xD

Rocky's sea food chowder..i love it so much

Oxtail soup- My jeh's favourite..=)
Very tasty!!

This is Estee's chicken bombay..
sedap !

Grilled chicken with garlic and mushroom sauce

Aus lamb steak

Aus sirloin grain steak

Last is the pecan nut pie as dessert =)

'This is how much we ate on tat night..ehhe


My exchange pressie from
Siu mai kor kor aka kc..=)
p/s: i gave the cup a name - bunnymai xD

A book from My jeh =) I WOULd BE HAPPIE =P
p/s: i'm not emo okay..=P

on my right hand side, i was holding a shower scrub and a FREAKING adorable
lips balm from ESTEE =)

Me !! and PRESSIE!! =)

And i spoted this! was so happened that Rocky got Marcus's xchange presise
and the card inside was QUITE gay to a GUY!! ahha...
Good one Marcus =P was actually my crap idea..i dint know it can be gay and lame
at the same time =D

The End..

Happy new year peep =)

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