Friday, January 04, 2008

time in pyramid-

working at shoppping mall is the most lifeless thing to do.
timeless-now i know why ppl always say no time
tiring-stand long long, so fcking shit
DRY-shopping mall is always a place to make u feel DRY.
customers-they are quite annoying in times
manager-my boss would stare at the cctv viewer to catch whos not doin anything, so strict
even if i have no cust around, i oso cant talk, if not he will give a call to scold
my supervisor.
painful legs-stand for almost 9 hrs a day, its not fun
princess me-i didnt know i can be so princess to whine around bout my job, tis is my first
ugly uniform- its a t-shirt actually, kinda plain but i still wan to complain cause it only have stars
colourful stars on it..lool* i WANT a nicer U*
expensive lunch-food in foodcourt oso damn expensive.
like wat kitt said, atleast i can c leng zais
haha..yeah shes right.
seeing foreigner are much better than local ppl, too annoying..haha
not to forget, i gotta read gossip girl for free during my break time, i went to popular for free ya.
i think i will add more disadvatages on tis entry..lool
too sleepy d, cant really concentrate now.=)
ciao my frens.
u know who i am,
im hui xian.=)

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