Monday, January 16, 2012

Ending of 2011

Times travel along with silent, it just flies as usual but as I'm growing older
it just never slow down and getting faster and quicker..
the whole year of 2011, it has been fun and i barely remember in details what I've done
throughout the year. 

I met new friends, i lost some elders..i guess, this is life? Feeling glad that i still have 
my love ones around, hope everything will remain the same's too painful to lose and it's too contradictory to move one. 

Owh well, just got to learn to appreciate...being older is about being wiser
isn't it?

After so long of MIA, here are pictures of my 11's dec...
I just wanna say that "i had a great 2011" since mid of Dec

Had a good celebration @ Jake's charbroil..retard face?

Rib eye-med well
Sirloin steak- med well
Deco fro x'mas @ Jake's

Hmmm...too full and DESSERT!!
The best brownies ice-cream that i've ever tasted!

One of the day @ Canton-i with 
Khy, Vincent, Gary & Jay

My first time..
Lai zi gai!! sedaaaap!!
Sweet n sour fish..this is damn best! *drool*

 22nd of Dec- Dong Zi

Woke up pretty early for this
and here's da end-product! nyoom

Random day

Steamed me!
my fav sea food- small small lala!
Best to eat the lil lala with the gravy!!

Happy New Year!! on the 1st
day of

This is too blur..fireworks @ K.L

12's January

I've dyed my hair with Liese bubble hair color

Time flies,
it's CNY soon and I have SHOPPING to do..
and gotta end this entry with
wishing you all a Happy New Year!!



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