Thursday, July 05, 2012

Loving trance

Music, there are so many music styles in this world and i personally find trance most energetic and motivated, it is able to give the energy to move my body and it is easily enable me to forget about my tiredness for the moment.

Honestly, it is so so so relaxing and is a damn good way to distress. I can say it is as good as a massage chair.

By listening to it, i feel as if my brain is finally resting and having its space to enjoy
some beats and picturing some sexy dance @ the beach..

I'm loving that kinda feeling, it is just so good..sometimes the good one can really
give a excitement sensation, we call it eargasm..haha

I hope such music will never come to the point whereby it's already outdated..i think
everyone needs this kinda music to atleast shake and swing those unwanted sensation off from our mental as well as our physical.

How i got influenced with trance? all thanks to my babe, Melia.
she brought me to Deadmau5 concert @ sunway a year back and the track of " Remember me" ft Kaskade make me fell so deep in love with it..and i started to browse
you tube for all da trance music..especially Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Dash Berlin and Afrojack..
These ppl are just awesome!

@ Deadmau5's concert <3

Vocal trance is my favorite, this is why I so in Love with Kaskade at first..wee!!

Me Love Trance

As I browse through you tube for all these cool music, i found Tomorrowland 2012 Festival @ Belgium!! omg..seriously its like a dream for all trance lover..i feel so tempted
but the tix is looking good too..haha 220 Euro..which is not cheap for Malaysian!!
hahaa..but do hope can go thr someday..will definitely get unforgettable experience..
Awesome shit!!

Yeah..this is the place!!  Where awesomeness gather in one place!


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