Saturday, July 13, 2013

To be or not to be

Since little, I always face difficulties communicating with my family members, everyone of them speak really differently. Speaking loudly as if they r right, speaking negatively to hurt one another. Not sure if it's the prob arises from their egoness or it's the communicate culture of my family.

Indeed, it is not healthy, it's noisy, it's hurtful. Yet, they are still practicing it or perhaps bring this culture to the family that they will form later on. Lately, due to timing and knowledge, each of us have grown up, each of us exposed to different events, people, stories, challenges in life. More conflict we have, we just different, it's hard to accept what the other say if it's right, it's so easy to accept that the others say are Wrong, because they are happy to tease n mock you when you're wrong. 

Oh well, the boys usually will not their egoness is way too thick. Really, this is suffering...a family supposed to be loving and understanding..should be way better
than with the outsiders like friends and colleagues...

However, it doesn't happen to my create burdens it create unhappiness. Changing the culture is almost impossible because not all agree about it and the way we try to convince is also wrong, all stand stern with their point of views. The only good thing is we do forgive but forget is harder, coz too many arguments accumulating it has been a usual event...just like a monthly routine phone bill. Doubt u will easily forget it.

I have read the book "personality plus", it does teach us how to compromise and understanding this kind of taught me that the world is created with different different type of people, we can't expect them to change we can only advise, we can't think people are ridiculous before we try to understand why and what? We can't judge the book by its cover. 

In order to compromise, we must understand then respect and slowly change the way we talk to different kinda people. Not all people think alike, this is the right or wrong to think in different perspective unless the thinking involve unethical and immoral stuffs. 

We must also appreciate with what we have, family should be something wonderful and blissful. I  wish it will get better!!

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