Monday, September 17, 2012

Brand new page of my life

Tomorrow is such an important day for me, a brand new day for a brand new page
of my life.

May everything goes smoothly and I hope this is really what I want,
it's not easy to begin with something where you need to make a serious decision.

When comes to the age of 22nd after college, everything seems to change
and most of the things are do involve serious decision making, i believe this is 
one of the important journey of life..

you either do it or drag's the matter of time for things to happen and
to be important to you.

As I'm growing older, all these starter to have it's effects on me, 
sometimes, its not as simple as I like then I do, I don't like then i don't do, I want
then i can get it...everything needs to go through so many consideration and then
it reach to a point for a decision. 

That's life..

Everything seems to change as if god has all plan..
I really wish what god has planned is not something i would have to suffer..

Fighting for what i want? of cause..if only if what i want will be mine if i fight for it..

Night guys,

Wish me luck for all!! (:


Blogger Eagle Chou said...

So the next was your 22nd birthday? Happy birthday! And may you be happy every day! Always a pleasure to read your posts!Somethimes I care about buying runescape accounts .

10:50 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are very beautiful! :)

9:11 AM 

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