Tuesday, January 15, 2008


guess wat im doin now??
texting kitt, the dc queen. she hardly get on9 due to her connection problem..
so, i gotta waste my money to chat with her..lool

after i start to work, i realize that study is much relaxing and cool compare to work.
i started to miss school, how now??
i miss those days when i used to be silly with my childish classmates..=P
i think u know who u are..lool

time in taman sea was pretty cool and delightful, so im sort of reminiscing those days in sch..ngek..
being nostalgic at tis moment, its quite fun recalling those stupid moments in sch..haha

primary sch .

form 2.

my form3.

ling..lol i look good in tis pic lar..ahaha

form4-moral project.
most gay ever.

the delightful night.

my last camp.

yeah i love u all..=)

its me,

hui xian.


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