Sunday, November 02, 2008

Addicted to PS?

all of makes me in love with photoshop and
now i can't help myself from staring at the laptop
and colourize evrything =) is a good begining right?
i learned it b4 but somehow i just forgot the skills and steps
of photoshop!!

about my very first time of being waitress!!!
It was at La Gourmet House =)
thanks to khy and vincent Yim.. for
helping me to work there=D
u guys *two thumbs up*

Before we actually goin to work!
we went one u as khy's class canceled
HAd our very Mmmm...speechless*
dinner there...
it was at Vietnam Kitchen!
Edwin's FAV!! had food there which make me PUKE
in da mid of my work..ahaha
dont know why, cant digest the food till i RAN to toilet!!
then nightmare happened..ahaha
and vince..oops nop is Ethan Yim too Puke, but he had it at home~
=S was quite alright working there..
but my shoes were killing me!! sigh~
and the stupid stomach spoilt everything!!!
After work....
Yim sent khy home and we had our drinks ar ss2..keke

Si beh
i barely move that time...hehe
but guess what?
i still able to stay up till 5am only sleep!
haha..I'm a pro now..=P

Yah..sunday also..
gotta work!!
yea baby~

About todae..
went Sp to Grab my lunch
with melia, Tim and Kenny...
s=, melia darling..u really make it to my hse!!
ahha not bad=)

Had fun hanging with them..
went poool after that..haha
AC's pool, Quite nice!!!
Well..the same old thing is
my Hair got the DAMN ciggs smell..haha

After that, we sent melia home first coz she had to go church!
i got home afterward..
then melia's shocking msges Appeared on my msn!!
she told me bout his fren who is so happened to be yim's buddy, had passed away>.<
what a coincident !!

So like that..
melia gotta know Yim..=)

Alright liao...
i wanna post bout my Works after hrs of staring at my laptop!!


say bye to fresh cons!!! skills aren't that good yet!!!

hehe..i wanna cover my eyes..
i tot of a PINK hair
but my work
FAiled miserably!!!

hehe...i like the eyes colour=)

ok lah..
for the first time, im gonna sleep earlier!!
have to wake up for work..=)

nite nite!!


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